Computer Science Reports, University of Sussex

Computer Science Reports 1987-2006. In more recent times, preprints, doctoral theses etc. have mostly been disseminated through open-access repositories (such as arXiv) or the University of Sussex institutional repository (Sussex Research Online).

Report Authors Title Date
2006:01 Teller, David OpenBerg e-book reader: Design and rationale March 2006
2005:07 Chadha, Rohit, Damiano Macedonio and Vladimiro Sassone A hybrid intuitionistic logic: Semantics and decidability November 2005
2005:06 Hym, Samuel and Matthew Hennessy Adding recursion to Dpi October 2005
2005:05 Schwinghammer, Jan A typed semantics for languages with higher-order store and subtyping June 2005
2005:04 Teller, David A pi-calculus with limited resources, garbage-collection and guarantees May 2005
2005:03 Ciaffaglione, Alberto, Matthew Hennessy and Julian Rathke Proof methodologies for behavioural equivalence in distributed pi-calculus April 2005
2005:02 Conforti, Giovanni, Damiano Macedonio and Vladimiro Sassone BiLog: Spatial logics for bigraphs April 2005
2005:01 Francalanza, Adrian and Matthew Hennessy Location and link failure in a distributed pi-calculus February 2005
2004:04 Chadha, Rohit, Damiano Macedonio and Vladimiro Sassone A distributed Kripke semantics December 2004
2004:03 Reus, Bernhard, Jan Schwinghammer Denotational semantics for Abadi and Leino's logic of objects December 2004
2004:02 Gorla, Daniele, Matthew Hennessy and Vladimiro Sassone Security policies as membranes in systems for global computing July 2004
2004:01 Owen, Tim, Ian Wakeman and Julian Rathke JPolicy: A Java extension for dynamic access control January 2004
2003:02 Hennessy, Matthew, Julian Rathke and Nobuko Yoshida SafeDpi: A language for controlling mobile code October 2003
2003:01 Merro, Massimo and Francesco Zappa Nardelli Bisimulation proof methods for mobile ambients January 2003
2002:04 Jeffrey, Alan and Julian Rathke Contextual equivalence for higher-order pi-calculus revisited November 2002
2002:03 Jeffrey, Alan and Julian Rathke A fully abstract may testing semantics for concurrent objects November 2002
2002:02 Jeffrey, Alan and Julian Rathke A theory of bisimulation for a fragment of concurrent ML with local names November 2002
2002:01 Hennessy, Matthew, Massimo Merro and Julian Rathke Towards a behavioural theory of access and mobility control in distributed systems October 2002
2001:07 Feng, Jianfeng and Feng Liu Discriminating between input signals via single neuron activity November 2001
2001:06 Merro, Massimo and Davide Sangiorgi On asynchrony in name-passing calculi October 2001
2001:05 Merro, Massimo and Matthew Hennessy Bisimulation congruences in safe ambients July 2001
2001:04 Stevens, Andrew and Des Watson The effect of Java exceptions on code optimizations March 2001
2001:03 Merro, Massimo, Josva Kleist and Uwe Nestmann Local pi-calculus at work: Mobile objects as mobile processes February 2001
2001:02 Hennessy, Matthew and Julian Rathke Typed behavioural equivalences for processes in the presence of subytping March 2001
2001:01 Newsome, Matt and Des Watson Proxy compilation January 2001
2000:05 Hennessy, Matthew The security picalculus and non-interference November 2000
2000:04 Lin, Huimin and Wang Yi A complete axiomatisation for timed automata October 2000
2000:03 Hennessy, Matthew and James Riely Information flow vs. resource access in the asynchronous pi-calculus April 2000
2000:02 Jeffrey, Alan and Julian Rathke Towards a theory of bisimulation for local names January 2000
2000:01 Rathke, Julian Symbolic techniques for value-passing calculi January 2000
1999:02 Yoshida, Nobuko Assigning types to processes November 1999
1999:01 Yoshida, Nobuko Subtyping and locality in distributed higher order processes May 1999
1998:05 Yoshida, Nobuko Minimality and separation results on asynchronous mobile processes September 1998
1998:04 Riely, James and Matthew Hennessy Trust and partial typing in open systems of mobile agents July 1998
1998:03 Hennessy, Matthew and James Riely Type-safe execution of mobile agents in anonymous networks May 1998
1998:02 Hennessy, Matthew and James Riely Resource access control in systems of mobile agents February 1998
1998:01 Pavlovic, Dusko Guarded induction on final coalgebras January 1998
1997:05 Pavlovic, Dusko and Martin Escardo Calculus in coinductive form December 1997
1997:03 Ferreira, William On testing the observable actions of processes October 1997
1997:02 Riely, James and Matthew Hennessy Distributed processes and location failures April 1997
1997:01 Hartonas, Takis and Matthew Hennessy Full abstractness for a functional/concurrent language with higher-order value-passing February 1997
1996:07 Abramsky, S. and D. Pavlovic Specifying interaction categories July 1996
1996:06 Pavlovic, Dusko Categorical logic of names and abstraction in action calculi June 1996
1996:05 Rathke, Julian and Matthew Hennessy Local model checking for a value-based modal mu-calculus June 1996
1996:04 Hennessy, Matthew A fully abstract denotational semantics for the pi-calculus May 1996
1996:03 Jeffrey, Alan Semantics for core Concurrent ML using computation types May 1996
1996:02 Ferreira, W., M. Hennessy and A.S.A. Jeffrey Combining the typed pi-calculus with CCS May 1996
1995:06 Hennessy, M. and H. Lin Unique fixpoint induction for message-passing process calculi December 1995
1995:05 Ferreira, W., M. Hennessy and A. Jeffrey A theory of weak bisimulation for core CML September 1995
1995:03 Hennessy, M. and J. Rathke Weak bisimulations for a calculus of broadcasting March 1995
1995:02 Ferreira, W. and M. Hennessy Towards a semantic theory of CML February 1995
1995:01 Hennessy, M. and J. Rathke Strong bisimulations for a calculus of broadcasting systems January 1994
1994:09 Kiehn, Astrid and Matthew Hennessy On the decidability of non-interleaving process equivalences September 1994
1994:08 Ingolfsdottir, Anna Semantic models for communicating processes with value-passing June 1994
1994:07 Lin, Huimin Symbolic bisimulations and proof systems for the pi-calculus June 1994
1994:06 Robinson, Edmund Variations on algebra: Monadicity and generalisations of equational theories April 1994
1994:05 Murphy, David Two papers concerning categories in concurrency theory April 1994
1994:04 Aceto, Luca and Alan Jeffrey A complete axiomatization for timed bisimulation for a class of timed regular behaviours March 1994
1994:03 Brown, Carolyn and Doug Gurr Temporal logic and categories of Petri nets March 1994
1994:02 Liu, Xinxin Characterizing bisimulation congruence in the pi-calculus January 1994
1994:01 Aceto, Luca Deriving complete inference systems for a class of GSOS languages generating regular behaviours January 1994
1993:13 Jeffrey, Alan A typed prioritized process algebra December 1993
1993:12 Jeffrey, Alan A fully abstract semantics for concurrent graph reduction December 1993
1993:11 Jeffrey, Alan, Steve Schneider and Frits Vaandrager A comparison of additivity axioms in timed transition systems December 1993
1993:10 Liu, Xinxin On decidability and small model property of process equations October 1993
1993:09 Aceto, Luca and David Murphy Timing and causality in process algebra August 1993
1993:08 Lin, Huimin A verification tool for value-passing processes April 1993
1993:07 Regan, Tim Process algebra for timed systems September 1991
1993:06 Aceto, Luca GSOS and finite labelled transition systems March 1993
1993:05 Hennessy, M. and H. Lin Proof systems for message-passing process algebras February 1993
1993:04 Lin, Huimin PAM: A Process Algebra Manipulator (version 1.0) February 1993
1993:03 Hennessy, M. and X. Liu A modal logic for message passing processes January 1993
1993:02 Hennessy, M. Timed process algebras: A tutorial January 1993
1993:01 Aceto, Luca On "Axiomatising Finite Concurrent Processes" January 1993
1992:07 Jung, Achim and Allen Stoughton Studying the fully abstract model of PCF within its continuous function December 1992
1992:06 Hennessy, M. A fully abstract denotational model for higher-order processes November 1992
1992:05 Robinson, Edmund Parametricity as isomorphism August 1992
1992:04 Robinson, Edmund Notes on the second-order lambda calculus August 1992
1992:03 Jeffrey, Alan A chemical abstract machine for graph reduction August 1992
1992:02 Jeffrey, Alan CSP is completely expressive August 1992
1992:01 Hennessy, M. and H. Lin Symbolic bisimulations April 1992
1991:13 Boudol, G., I. Castellani, M. Hennessy and A. Kiehn A theory of processes with localities December 1991
1991:12 Freyd, Peter J., Edmund P. Robinson and Giuseppe Rosolini Functorial parametricity November 1991
1991:11 Hennessy, M. Concurrent testing of processes October 1991
1991:10 Iossif, Michael and Yoshindo Suzuki Coding systems and recursive manifolds October 1991
1991:09 Lin, Huimin PAM user manual (version 0.6) September 1991
1991:08 Hennessy, M. A model for the pi-calculus September 1991
1991:07 Hennessy, M. and A. Ingolfsdottir Communicating processes with value-passing and assignments June 1991
1991:06 Hennessy, M. A proof system for weak ST-Bisimulation over a finite process algebra June 1991
1991:05 Hennessy, Matthew and Tim Regan A process algebra for timed systems April 1991
1991:04 Boudol, G., I. Castellani, M. Hennessy and A. Kiehn Observing localities March 1991
1991:03 Aceto, Luca Action Refinement in Process Algebra October 1990
1991:02 Lin, Huimin PAM: A Process Algebra Manipulator (replaced by 1993:04) February 1991
1991:01 Steffen, Bernhard and Anna Ingolfsdottir Characteristic formulae for processes with divergence January 1991
1990:05 Arun-Kumar, S. and Matthew Hennessy An efficiency preorder for processes July 1990
1990:04 Oliveira, Pedro P.B. de Parallel generation of combinations July 1990
1990:03 Aceto, Luca A theory of testing for ACP May 1990
1990:02 Hennessy, Matthew and T. Regan A temporal process algebra April 1990
1990:01 Aceto, Luca Full abstraction for series-parallel pomsets (withdrawn) March 1990
1989:07 Kiehn, Astrid Distributed bisimulations for finite CCS December 1989
1989:06 Aceto, Luca On relating concurrency and nondeterminism October 1989
1989:05 Hennessy, Matthew A proof system for communicating processes with value-passing August 1989
1989:04 Hennessy, Matthew and Rance Cleaveland Testing equivalence as a bisimulation equivalence June 1989
1989:03 Hennessy, Matthew and Anna Ingolfsdottir A theory of communicating processes with value-passing March 1989
1989:02 Cleaveland, Rance Tableau-based model checking in the propositional mu-calculus March 1989
1989:01 Wraith, Gavin Categorical datatypes January 1989
1988:06 Aceto, Luca and Matthew Hennessy Termination, deadlock and divergence December 1988
1988:05 Hennessy, Matthew Observing processes December 1988
1988:04 Hennessy, Matthew Behaviour equivalences: An approach to the semantics of processes August 1988
1988:03 Aceto, Luca and Matthew Hennessy Towards action-refinement in process algebras April 1988
1988:02 Cleaveland, Rance and Matthew Hennessy Priorities in process algebras March 1988
1988:01 Bednarczyk, Marek A. Categories of asynchronous systems January 1988
1987:05 Castellani, Illaria and Matthew Hennessy Distributed bisimulations July 1987
1987:04 Hennessy, Matthew Axiomatising finite concurrent processes July 1987
1987:03 Williams, Peter M. Averaging and eliciting expert opinion August 1987
1987:02 Pitts, Andrew M. Polymorphism is set theoretic, constructively July 1987
1987:01 Stoughton, Allen Substitution revisited April 1987