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At Sussex, we support a diverse and multidisciplinary research environment where researchers can truly believe a challenge is only impossible until it’s done. Browse our Centres of Excellence, research centres and groups.

Impossible until it's done

  • Video transcript

    [INTRO MUSIC: Anthemic inspirational music plays]

    On-screen text:





    Research at Sussex

    in new technologies, science, AI and data analysis

    environmental sustainability and climate change

    [Birds flapping with visuals of a flock of birds flying in slow motion]

    [slide project sound as the text People slides onto screen]

    helping people and communities to flourish

    Research at Sussex

    world firsts in quantum computing

    [Sci-fi clicks and beeps as laboratory visuals cut together]

    global policy changes on sustainability

    the world for international development

    [waves sounds with slow motion waves crashing]

    [whoosh as the camera zooms from space to planet Earth]

    “It’s only impossible until it’s done”

    Research at Sussex

    Progress for planet and people

    [END CARD: University of Sussex logo, with text ‘Impossible until it’s done’ and URL ‘’]

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