Business incubation services

Find out how we can help you accelerate and expand your business. Our Sussex Innovation Centre is an incubator that helps new and existing businesses to grow.

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Our Sussex Innovation services

The Sussex Innovation Centre is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the University of Sussex. The team can advise on strategy, business advice and services. It also has skilled graduates who can help deliver practical work.

It provides a flexible office and co-working space based on the University campus, with a whole community of technology and knowledge-based enterprises, and a wide network of investors, lawyers, partners and experts who can help new ideas flourish and grow.

Contact the Sussex Innovation Centre if you are looking for:

  • flexible office space for companies of all shapes and sizes
  • strategic mentoring and business advice and services
  • sales, marketing and communications strategy advice
  • market research and insight
  • financial advice and book-keeping
  • hands-on management of projects from lead generation to social media management.


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