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Fatal Alliances: On the Entanglement of Antisemitic and Antifeminist Dynamics of Exclusion
Prof. Katrin Steffen
Ask the Experts: Discussion on quantum physics Prof. Jim Al-Khalili FRS and panellists
Ask the Experts: Discussion on COVID-19 Claudia Hammond and panellists
The Future of Holocaust Memory - Zoom discussion Dr Victoria Walden and panellists
Q&A with George and Peter Summerfield BEM, Holocaust Memorial Day 2021 George and Peter Summerfield BEM
Martin Wight Memorial Lecture 2020 - The decolonial project of Europe: from colonial histories to postcolonial reparations Dr Gurminder Bhambra
Brave New World: The Future of Work Professor Jaqueline O'Reilly
Holocaust Memorial Day at Sussex 2020 – Surviving the Holocaust as a child Hannah Lewis MBE
Holocaust Memorial Day at Sussex 2020 – Analyzing Narratives of Persecution, Flight and Survival Professor Ruth Wodak
Draper Lecture 2020 – Championing human rights and social justice globally Justice Albie Sachs
Couplings on the run – from fundamental particles to quantum gravity Professor Daniel Litim
Dynamics and control – their role in cutting vehicle CO2 emissions Professor Julian Dunne
Queer Cultures of Conflict: Facing Heterogeneity, Fostering Queerversity (audio only) Dr Antke Engel, The Technische Universität Darmstad
Happier families: The kids (and mum & dad) are alright (audio only) Professor Alison Pike
Distant voices, living music: hearing the past and writing the present Professor Ed Hughes
Draper Lecture 2019 – Human Rights and Leadership in a Lawless World Paul van Zyl
Holocaust Memorial Day at Sussex: – Anita Lasker-Wallfisch and Niklas Frank in conversation with Trudy Gold Anita Lasker-Wallfisch and Niklas Frank
Holocaust Memorial Day at Sussex: September 1939 and the Fate of Europe’s Jews Professor Richard Overy, University of Exeter

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