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Impacted: the Sussex podcast series about research for real change

Each episode of Impacted showcases researchers at Sussex and considers the impact their work is having in the world.

Episode 3: Dave Goulson

Professor Dave Goulson’s research into the impact of pesticides on bumblebees has been widely cited in the media, and has led governments to take action to better protect insects. Dave Goulson, who is a Professor of Biology (Evolution, Behaviour and Environment) at the University of Sussex, is the author of several popular science books, including The Garden Jungle and A Sting in the Tale.

He founded the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, a charity devoted to reversing bumblebee declines, and the Buzz Club, a citizen science group which aims to involve people in conservation and in science. Find out more about his research on bumble bees and his public engagement and citizen science work in this Impacted podcast

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