Quantum Computing Laboratory

Researchers at the University of Sussex are working on building a quantum computer, the most powerful computer on earth. We've designed a special installation so you can find out more about how this technology will transform our daily lives.

Unlike normal computers, quantum computers use the principles of quantum physics to carry out their calculations. This allows them to solve problems at incredible speeds – much faster than a modern supercomputer. The capabilities of quantum computers mean that they would have the potential to transform fields such as medicine, commerce and science.

No-one has yet managed to construct a large-scale quantum computer, but a team led by Professor Winfried Hensinger at the University of Sussex has created the first ever blueprint for how this could be achieved. Our researchers are now constructing a prototype of a working quantum computer, and we’ve created a new pop-up installation so you can find out more about this fascinating technology.

Experience a pop-up quantum computing laboratory

Join us at the British Science Festival or at our Open Day in September to find out what it’s like to work in a quantum technology laboratory and learn more about the computers of the future.

Our scientists will be helping people to understand the mind-boggling concepts behind a quantum computer, a machine that will answer problems an ordinary computer would take billions of years to solve.

The public can explore a virtual quantum computing laboratory and see the four key elements that make up this unbelievably fast machine – the most powerful computer in the world.

They will also have the chance to meet the team of researchers behind the world’s first ever blueprint to construct a large scale quantum computer.

We’ll be showcasing our pop-up quantum technology lab at our Falmer campus during the British Science Festival in early September. If you have any questions about the event, contact Sarah Ross at Sarah.Ross@sussex.ac.uk.

Professor Winfried Hensinger (pictured) and his team of physicists recently took their pop-up laboratory to Spitalfields Market in London.

Quantum computing at London’s Spitalfields Market

We recently opened our pop-up quantum computer lab to the public at London’s Spitalfields Market.

The event on 11 July proved popular, and our physicists were on hand to answer questions from a range of visitors including pupils from a local school.

Professor Winfried Hensinger talks to pupils from Morpeth School in Tower Hamlets, London.

Quantum computing – first ever blueprint unveiled

In February 2017 an international team, led by a scientist from the University of Sussex, unveiled the first practical blueprint for how to build a quantum computer.

“Quantum technologies may transform all of our lives” – Professor Winfried Hensinger

Watch this video to learn about how quantum computers could revolutionise the fields of science, medicine and commerce.

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