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As everyone who studies or works at the University of Sussex knows, it’s the people who make the place special. Whatever their background, whatever their role, they each have a story to tell about why they are here.

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Shobita Bhumbra

“I have always wanted to explain things to people”

Shobita Bhumbra, PhD researcher in quantum physics, was among Sussex scientists who took part in Soapbox Science in Brighton.

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Preena Gadher

"I realised other people in PR didn’t look like me"

Preena Gadher, co-founder and director of a public relations agency, reflects on how her time at Sussex shaped her ambitions.

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John Haywood

“My job and my art fulfil different but important parts of my life”

John Haywood, Sussex marketing manager, displayed his watercolours at this year’s Brighton Festival Artists Open Houses.

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