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This Sussex Life: Jane Fairhall, ERT volunteer - "If you see me with a big green bag, you’ll know I’m on a shout”

14 June 2019

Jane Fairhall combines her day job in the University’s admissions office with attending medical incidents as part of the Emergency Response Team.

“Amazing showcase” at Education Awards ceremony

12 June 2019

It was an evening of praise, celebration and overwhelming emotions at the University's Education Awards ceremony on Tuesday (June 11).

What is consciousness? New Impacted podcast tackles the big questions with University of Sussex researchers

31 May 2019

Neuroscientist Anil Seth is the first guest on a new series of podcasts spotlighting the work of outstanding University of Sussex researchers.

This Sussex Life: “I have always wanted to explain things to people”

30 May 2019

Shobita Bhumbra, PhD researcher in quantum physics, is among Sussex scientists taking part in Soapbox Science in Brighton on Saturday, 1 June 2019.

Sussex field trip ends in launch of crowdfunding campaign to better equip wildlife rangers in Malawi

10 May 2019

Staff & students from the University of Sussex have launched a crowd-funding campaign to equip wildlife rangers with potentially lifesaving equipment.

This Sussex Life: "I realised other people in PR didn’t look like me”

10 May 2019

Preena Gadher, director of top PR agency Riot Communications, reflects on how her student years at Sussex shaped her ambitions and her life.

This Sussex Life: “My job and my art fulfil different but important parts of my life”

2 May 2019

John Haywood, University of Sussex marketing manager, is also a talented watercolourist. His work is on show during this year's Brighton Festival.

This Sussex Life: "Sometimes it's the small wins that make all the difference"

25 April 2019

Callum Chapman has been elected as the new Students with Disabilities Officer for the University of Sussex Students’ Union.

Sussexsport teams up with Brighton Cougars to grow the women’s basketball game

12 April 2019

A venture between the Brighton Cougars and Sussexsport is developing the female basketball game.

This Sussex Life: "I'm often at the centre of what's happening."

12 April 2019

Stuart Robinson, the University of Sussex’s photographer, has been visually capturing the life and times of the campus and its community for 32 years

Items 1 to 10 of 79

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