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A home from home

1 April 2019

Poppy Wootton, Commercial Marketing Manager for the Students' Union, describes how she gets that 'lived-in look' for the student bars and spaces.

Spotlight on Dr Charlotte Rae

18 March 2019

Spotlight on Dr Charlotte Rae, Research Fellow at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

This Sussex Life: "The biggest challenge for me is keeping things alive"

15 March 2019

In all weathers Jaci Driscoll, plant specialist for Sussex Estates and Facilities, can be found on the Sussex campus tending to the flowerbeds.

Sussexsport's One World Week celebration of all things international from 18 March

14 March 2019

Sussexsport's One World Week activities are not to be missed this March.

Seeking balance for International Women's Day 2019

8 March 2019

Women across the Sussex community suggest areas where a greater balance could improve the lives of women – and make societies better.

This Sussex Life: ‘It’s not unusual for five-year-olds to be caring for adults’

7 March 2019

Feylyn Lewis was 11 when she began caring for her mum. Now, as a research fellow, she is looking at the needs of today’s young carers.

Baby blues...and greens, reds and yellows

15 February 2019

By the time we are four months old we can distinguish between colours – even before we have the language to describe them. Recent...

The warm glow of kindness

15 February 2019

Sussex researchers have identified what happens inside our brains when we act altruistically.

Brighton Festival 2019 at Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts

13 February 2019

Brighton Festival 2019 will be celebrated on campus and in the community.

The ‘green truth’ of 12th-century visionary abbess Hildegard

1 February 2019

A festival celebrating an extraordinary 12th-century abbess takes place at the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, 6-10 February.

Items 1 to 10 of 69

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