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“You don’t need a degree in internet technology to use it”

16 October 2019

Transformative Technology winners of the 2019 Education Awards describe how they have enhanced the learning experience for their students.

On the trail of Annie Brassey

11 October 2019

Sussex researcher explores the vast archives of a celebrated 19th century female photographer, traveller and writer.

This Sussex Life: Lucy Hughes, Product Design graduate. “I challenged myself to find a way of using fish waste”

9 October 2019

Award-winning Product Design graduate Lucy Hughes developed a bioplastic from fish skins that could replace single-use plastics.

“People haven’t believed that I am a government minister”

9 October 2019

Botswana’s Minister for Trade, Sussex alumna Bogolo Kenewendo, describes her “double trouble” of being young and female.

This Sussex Life: Adam Tickell, Vice-Chancellor: "I never envisaged I would be a vice-chancellor"

2 October 2019

Adam Tickell, Sussex's Vice-Chancellor, reflects on his student years, his switch from academia to management, and the joy of swimming in the sea.

Meet the quantum summer students

25 September 2019

It has been exciting summer of projects for undergrad and A-Level student in the Quantum Systems and Devices laboratory.

This Sussex Life: Barry Maughan, course coordinator in LPS: "She was the joy of the ward"

19 September 2019

Barry Maughan remembers his partner, Sarah, and talks about why he wants to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

This Sussex Life: Jim Endersby, Professor of History:“Science doesn’t become history until it gets out of the lab.”

11 September 2019

Jim Endersby, Professor of the History of Science, talks about his new guest lectureship, and the role that we all play in understanding of science.

Study abroad and the voice of first-year students

2 September 2019

The Global Engagement Office recently surveyed first-year undergraduate students about their study abroad, getting some very valuable findings.

THIS SUSSEX LIFE Ella Beales, Mass Observation: "This is the history I enjoy."

21 August 2019

Sussex graduate Ella Beales is helping to catalogue and digitise Mass Observation, a unique collection of writings of everyday life by volunteers.

Items 1 to 10 of 106

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