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Queen bees face increased chance of execution if they mate with two males rather than one

20 August 2019

New research shows that queen stingless bees face an increased risk of being executed by workers if they mate with more than one male.

Aggressive brain tumour could be diagnosed with simple blood test

20 August 2019

New research by Sussex scientists could be the first step towards developing a blood test to diagnose Glioblastoma.

Relaxing of regulations for regenerative medicines has cascading effect internationally, new research warns

16 August 2019

Countries that relax regulations for regenerative medicines could be causing a downward spiral in international standards, according to new research.

Philosopher calls for contributions on childbirth to break down unhelpful taboos

16 August 2019

Mothers, fathers and midwives are being encouraged to share their experiences to help ease conversations about childbirth and break down taboos.

Sussex scientists to create 3-D map of ten million galaxies in the universe

15 August 2019

University of Sussex physicists are creating a three-dimensional map of ten million galaxies.

Wind it up: Europe has the untapped onshore capacity to meet global energy demand

14 August 2019

Europe has the capacity to produce more than 100 times the amount of energy it currently produces through onshore windfarms, new analysis reveals.

"Pale, male and stale" - Challenging representations of Africa at independent journalism festival

13 August 2019

A Sussex researcher is to chair a panel at the Byline Festival of independent journalism to discuss the UK media’s representations of Africa.

The only ‘safe’ phone in a car is one that's switched off

13 August 2019

Studies by Dr Graham Hole and Dr Gemma Briggs demonstrate driving while using a hands-free device is just as dangerous as a hand-held mobile phone.

Greater Brighton’s creative industries worth more than £1.5 billion

9 August 2019

Firms from Greater Brighton’s creative industries generated more than £1.5 billion in turnover in 2018, a new University of Sussex study has revealed.

Sussex historian supports plans for museum of youth culture

8 August 2019

A campaign to launch a museum to house collections celebrating youth culture is underway, with support from a University of Sussex historian.

Items 1 to 10 of 1767

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