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University of Sussex scientists opening up access to science through DIY equipment

8 November 2018

Scientists have developed a £25 piece of hardware to demonstrate how our brains function, which could aid educators around the world.

Lest we forget

7 November 2018

First World War centenary commemorations culminate on Remembrance Sunday, but for doctoral student Jenny Flood the reflections are far from over.

Business School Professor gives evidence to Select Committee on Intergenerational Fairness

6 November 2018

Prof Jacqueline O’Reilly contributes valuable research insights to the House of Lords Select Committee on Intergenerational Fairness and Provision.

Global governance must overcome zeitgeist of mistrust if world environmental issues are to be tackled effectively

5 November 2018

The growing mistrust towards global intuitions must be overcome if the world is to successfully tackle the environmental challenges it faces.

Litter by litter, wildlife-loving students clear up beauty spot

1 November 2018

Wildlife-loving Sussex students helped to clear a local beauty spot of litter and debris.

Trump Watch podcast returns for a new season

1 November 2018

The impact of The Donald's presidency on corruption, the Middle East, art and fake news will be up for discussion in the podcast series.

Not backing Britain: Brexit vote has reduced foreign direct investment to the UK by 19 per cent

1 November 2018

Overseas investment to the UK may be some 19 per cent lower because of the vote to leave the EU, new UKTPO research has revealed.

Sussex breakthrough prepares quantum computers to leave the lab

1 November 2018

Scientists at the University of Sussex have ‘tamed’ some disruptive environmental effects on quantum computers.

Photographer Ingrid Pollard, inaugural Stuart Hall Foundation Fellow, will be 'in conversation'

31 October 2018

The inaugural Stuart Hall Fellow at the University of Sussex is influential photographer Professor Ingrid Pollard.

Sussex wins agents’ award for Most Preferred University in the UK

31 October 2018

The University has been recognised by international student recruitment agents for its high-quality education provision and the services it provides.

Items 1 to 10 of 1587

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