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Busy tasks reduce thoughts about chocolate, even whilst hungry

4 September 2020

Finding a way to forget about chocolate in the kitchen may not be as difficult as first thought, new research from Sussex psychologists has found.

The music app that helps school children play in socially distanced orchestras

3 September 2020

A team of musicians, composers, technologists and performers at the University of Sussex have developed an app called Syncphonia.

Lockdown at home less stressful than school for children with SEND, new study finds

2 September 2020

The majority of children with SEND felt less stress and anxiety away from school and at home during lockdown, according to a survey of parent carers.

Majority of groundwater stores resilient to climate change

27 August 2020

A new study suggests fewer resources are depleting than previously estimated, but authors urge caution in unsustainable extraction levels.

Robert Hutton, Director of Estates: “We have to take collective responsibility to find solutions”

26 August 2020

Robert Hutton, Director of Estates, Facilities and Commercial Services, reflects on the plans and strategies to cope with Covid-19 on campus.

Address major holes in ozone hole treaty to avert stronger climate change and serious health risks, experts warn

26 August 2020

A new paper, co-authored by a Sussex scientist, has revealed major holes in an international treaty designed to help repair the ozone layer.

Sussex scientists develop air quality sensor that could save the lives of babies and asthma sufferers

25 August 2020

University of Sussex physicists have helped to develop a highly sensitive, affordable and accurate Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) sensor.

Professor provides thought-leadership to UN ECLAC on policies for post-pandemic reconstruction

24 August 2020

Professor Maria Savona was one of three thought leaders to provide comments on ECLAC policy recommendations.

Sussex study enables predicting computational power of early quantum computers

24 August 2020

University of Sussex quantum physicists have developed an algorithm which helps early quantum computers to perform calculations most efficiently...

Student mentored through Sussex writing programme announced as Senior Winner of 2020 Orwell Youth Prize

24 August 2020

A student mentored through a Sussex writing programme has been announced as one of the Senior Winners of the 2020 Orwell Youth Prize.

Items 31 to 40 of 1937

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