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Town babe or country babe? New study aims to discover babies’ preferences

3 December 2020

Do babies prefer looking at rural or urban scenes? That’s the question a team of University of Sussex psychologists have set out to answer.

The CRIBs sheet for delivering meaningful change in the innovation systems of developing countries

2 December 2020

Dr Rob Byrne tells the Impacted podcast how the CRIBs approach he helped develop is now being pursued by the World Bank and the African Union

University of Sussex and BARBRI partner up to prepare law students for the new solicitors’ exam

30 November 2020

The university has partnered with a global legal education provider to offer a comprehensive preparation programme for the new solicitors' exam.

New Covid-19 asymptomatic testing site to open at University of Sussex

27 November 2020

An asymptomatic testing site, using lateral flow tests, is launching at the University of Sussex.

University of Sussex secures £4.3 million for action research on displacement and infrastructure

26 November 2020

Two projects will connect communities in different parts of the world and seek to influence policy and practice

Urgent action needed as 1 in 3 native mammals at risk of extinction in Wales

26 November 2020

For the first time in over 20 years, researchers have assessed the current situation for species in Wales, with a third at risk of extinction.

Sussex neuroscientists team up with music and theatre talent in bid to appear at Festival UK 2022

25 November 2020

Dr David Schwartzman and Professor Anil Seth form part of one of 30 creative teams competing to appear in Festival UK 2022.

Hope and humanity flows through Black Atlantic sound and music cultures, new book argues

23 November 2020

A story of hope and humanity flows through the music and sounds of the Black Atlantic, says the Sussex author of a new book.

Small engines of growth: New research finds over 700 small communities of creative businesses across the UK

20 November 2020

University of Sussex-led research finds one-third of creative business microclusters exist outside big cities.

3D printed silver implants help tackle infections

19 November 2020

3D printed silver implants provide antibacterial protection and are suitable for patient-specific tissue reconstruction.

Items 21 to 30 of 1950

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