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Sussex research sheds light on the complexity behind migration in West Africa

2 September 2019

Members of the Sussex-based Migrating out of Poverty Research Programme Consortium took part in a two-day workshop in Ghana to share research.

Sussex lecturer joins prestigious international panel of experts on freedom of religion or belief

29 August 2019

A senior lecturer at the University of Sussex has been appointed to a prestigious international panel of experts on the Freedom of Religion or Belief.

New book by Sussex professor reveals what political parties really think of their members – and vice versa

24 August 2019

A new book by Professor Paul Webb sheds light on the challenges of party membership.

Exploring how innovation can protect society’s most vulnerable children

23 August 2019

A £1.9 million project will explore how innovation can help improve social care systems and practices for young people at complex safeguarding risk

No-deal chaos to hit food businesses trading across the Irish border, warn experts

22 August 2019

Crashing out of the EU without a deal could cause some Irish food businesses to go out of business within days.

Sussex appoints new Director of Estates, Facilities and Commercial Services

22 August 2019

The University of Sussex has appointed Robert Hutton as Director of Estates, Facilities and Commercial Services.

THIS SUSSEX LIFE Ella Beales, Mass Observation: "This is the history I enjoy."

21 August 2019

Sussex graduate Ella Beales is helping to catalogue and digitise Mass Observation, a unique collection of writings of everyday life by volunteers.

Queen bees face increased chance of execution if they mate with two males rather than one

20 August 2019

New research shows that queen stingless bees face an increased risk of being executed by workers if they mate with more than one male.

Aggressive brain tumour could be diagnosed with simple blood test

20 August 2019

New research by Sussex scientists could be the first step towards developing a blood test to diagnose Glioblastoma.

Relaxing of regulations for regenerative medicines has cascading effect internationally, new research warns

16 August 2019

Countries that relax regulations for regenerative medicines could be causing a downward spiral in international standards, according to new research.

Items 11 to 20 of 1773

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