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The Sussex Sustainability Research Programme (SSRP) delivers interdisciplinary research to help achieve the global sustainability goals for humanity and the environment.

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'Scaling up Sustainability Research'

We're excited to announce our latest annual seed-funding round for interdisciplinary projects, led by sustainability researchers at Sussex in collaboration with partners worldwide. This year, SSRP is offering small-grants to assist researchers from across campus in dedicating time to prepare bids for external platform grants. Whether you're already an SSRP Fellow, a sustainability researcher at Sussex, or embarking on your ECR path, we encourage you to submit your proposal by 5 June 2024 to advance and scale up excellent cutting-edge research.

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Centre of Excellence

The Sussex Sustainability Research Programme is a Centre of Excellence. Our Centres of Excellence are drawing together world-leading experts and innovative approaches, creating a critical mass of knowledge, skills and training – and proving that a challenge is only impossible until it's done.

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Research with Impact

With the help of SSRP seed-funding and support, our community continues to scale up their projects and drive impactful sustainability research. More recently, SSRP researchers secured a share of a

Sussex academics secure share of large $8 million external grant to ramp up successful climate adaptation and resilience research

Building on previous interdisciplinary research, including SSRP-funded projects, the $1 million Canadian dollar grant awarded to Pedram Rowhani received through the CLARE initiative will allow the project team to address research gaps by co-developing early action plans with pastoral communities and local institutions in Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya. Using predictive multi-hazard impact-based forecasts, the project aims to strengthen ‘PAStoral livelihoodS in the African Greater horn through Effective anticipatory action’.

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Sustainability Search Database

We have built a database allowing you to find potential collaborators on research projects and proposals.

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