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Welcome to the Home Page of the Experimental Particle Physics Group at the University of Sussex.
Our research aims to answer some of the fundamental questions posed by modern physics, such as: What is the origin of mass? Why is there more matter than anti-matter in the Universe? What is the nature of the neutrino? Is there physics beyond the Standard Model?

We are part of the Department of Physics and Astronomy within the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the University of Sussex. Our world leading research is focussing on the following experiments:

ATLAS : Searching for SUSY at the LHC

Prof. Antonella De Santo

Dr. Lily Asquith

Dr Alex Cerri

Dr. Fabrizio Salvatore

Dr Iacopo Vivarelli

Discover how the ATLAS group at Sussex are looking for supersymmetry using the LHC at CERN.

neutron EDM : Precision measurement of the properties of the neutron

Prof. Philip Harris

Dr. Michael Hardiman

Dr. Clark Griffith

Find out how the NeutronEDM experiment is investigating the dominance of matter over antimatter in the Universe.


Dr. Simon Peeters

Dr. Jeff Hartnell

Dr. Elizabeth Falk

Find out how SNO+ is probing the properties of neutrinos from the bottom of a mine in Canada.


Dr.Simon Peeters

Searching for Dark Matter with the DEAP experiment.


Dr.Jeff Hartnell

Dr. Elizabeth Falk

Dr. Simon Peeters

Discovering neutrino properties with long-baseline experiments.

GridPP / HPC

Dr. Fabrizio Salvatore

Find out more about the HPC facilities at Sussex and how we are involved in the LHC computing grid.


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We are a member of SEPnet (South East Physics Network), a partnership of six Physics departments in the South East of England, working together to advance and sustain Physics as a strategically important subject for the UK economy and its science base in the region.