Quantitative Finance International Network

Welcome to the Quantitative Finance International Network

The QFIN Centre at Sussex provides independent, customized and responsible solutions to promote innovation in financial markets. Our flexible approach resolves problems ranging from small boutique model development to advice on implementing complex financial systems.

At Sussex, the QFIN is housed at the new finance department within the University of Sussex Business School. Its members include people with a strong research background and significant industry experience. Most of its members have research publications in top finance journals and have held various roles in top-tier investment banks and hedge funds.

Apart from working on research initiatives, QFIN also aims to promote stronger links between institutions within its international network enabling students and researchers to have a broader reach within the academic world.

Professor Carol Alexander

‘I started working closely with financial institutions about 25 years ago and have, since then, become a finance academic, consultant and industry leader in both risk management and investment management.  

Over the course of my career, trends have changed in line with the need for better global risk-management standards and improved risk-return profiles on portfolios of financial assets. As the new disciplines of financial risk analysis come to the fore, I see greater potential for advancing research in such areas by both, academics and practitioners.'


Professor Carol Alexander
QFIN Centre @ Sussex
Accounting and Finance Group
School of Business, Management and Economics
University of Sussex, Falmer
Brighton, BN1 9SL

E: C.Alexander@sussex.ac.uk
T: 01273 873 950