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The Gaza doctor who says ‘I shall not hate’

Dr Izzeldin Abuelaish witnessed the deaths of four family members in Gaza. As part of a trip to the UK with a group campaigning for a political resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, he visited Sussex.

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From distant galaxies to the mysteries of DNA - Sussex scientists explain how working with 'citizen scientists' can benefit everyone

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Safer than x-ray - Physicists harness the magic of terahertz

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Spring in your step

Jacqui Bealing went to look for signs of spring on campus with the Student Union’s Wildlife and Conservation Society...

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Our research

Physicists explore a safe alternative to x-ray security scanners

9 April 2018

Sussex researchers are at the forefront of harnessing the magical properties of terahertz radiation.

Reality check

14 February 2018

For the Brighton Science Festival this month, Dr David Schwartzman and Dr Keisuke Suzuki are showcasing their research on visual hallucinations.

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Our people

The Gaza doctor who says ‘I shall not hate’

17 April 2018

Dr Izzeldin Abuelaish visited Sussex to talk about his response to the death of his three daughters and a niece by a tank shelling in Gaza.

Spotlight on Dr Ahmed Hashim

12 April 2018

Dr Ahmed Hashim is Hepatology Clinical Research Fellow at BSMS, working on a dedicated hostel-based liver service for homeless and vulnerable people.

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Our University

A spring walk on campus

23 March 2018

Jacqui Bealing joined Will Glasson of the SU's Wildlife and Conservation Society to look for the signs of spring on campus.

The power of citizen science

16 January 2018

Sussex academics describe how collaborating with research volunteers can benefit everyone.

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