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Reality check

14 February 2018

For the Brighton Science Festival this month, Dr David Schwartzman and Dr Keisuke Suzuki are showcasing their research on visual hallucinations.

Spring season at Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts announced

18 January 2018

ACCA's spring 2018 programme draws on some of the most important themes of our times for inspiration: power, equality, protest and the environment.

“We look at other youth brands – and then we innovate”

16 January 2018

Liam Hackett, head of anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label and a Sussex alumnus, reveals the personal challenges that drive him.

Be persistent, be focused, but start with your own community, says Lady Hollick

16 January 2018

Lady Hollick OBE, Sussex alumna and campaigner for human rights, is receiving an honorary doctorate at the University’s Winter Graduation (2018).

The power of citizen science

16 January 2018

Sussex academics describe how collaborating with research volunteers can benefit everyone.

It is "sheer fantasy" to think AI will ever match an intelligent human

15 January 2018

Professor Maggie Boden, one of the most eminent experts in artificial intelligence, reflects on her 50 years of puzzling the mind-brain problem.

31 of Sussex's past honorary graduates you might have heard of ...

12 January 2018

The University of Sussex's Winter Graduation ceremonies take place next week and the University will be awarding two new honorary degrees.

On the edge: Why our coastline is crumbling

30 November 2017

Geomorphologist Dr John Barlow is using drones to understand how and when coastal rockfalls happen.

Street marshal scheme aims to make Brighton safer and quieter at night

11 October 2017

A new University of Sussex initiative is helping neighbourhoods to stay peaceful after dark.

The bar where it all began for Miriam and Tan

4 September 2017

East Slope bar will always be special for Tan and Miriam Sharma. It’s where they met in 2005 – and where they celebrated their marriage this year.

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