School of Psychology

Developmental and Clinical Psychology

Developmental and Clinical Psychology Research Group Leader: Dr Kate Cavanagh

The Developmental and Clinical Psychology research group has a common aim of advancing theoretical approaches to human development and clinical psychology in order to inform practical interventions to support cognitive, emotional and social growth.

In 2012, the School’s space for developmental research was extensively remodelled into a suite of developmental research labs named the ‘The Sussex Child Research Hub’.

Research spans three intertwined areas:

Development of Cognition and Communication

This group conducts research into: colour perception and cognition; communication and joint attention in primates; language acquisition and categorisation; and  the development of colloborative interaction.
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Social and Emotional Development

Researching: family relations: birth and new parenthood; peer relations in school: behavioural genetics and childhood disorder.
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Mental Health through the Lifespan

This group researches: childhood anxiety: anxiety and mood; psychosis; psychological therapies.
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