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Genome Damage and Stability Centre

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The GDSC is a research centre investigating the responses of cells to genome damage and their relationship to cancer and other aspects of human disease

The purpose-built laboratories (funded by the Joint Infrastructure Fund, the Wolfson Foundation and the University of Sussex, and established with MRC Centre Grant support) are located adjacent to the School of Life Sciences. The GDSC provides a dynamic and collaborative environment for state-of-the-art research and is supported by a variety of funding agencies including the BBSRC, CR-UK, MRC and the Wellcome Trust. 

GDSC Research Groups

Information can be found by clicking 'Research groups' in the menu at the top of the page.


PhD Studentships in the GDSC are generally funded by Cancer Research UK, BBSRC, MRC or by the EU.
These awards usually cover registration fees, running expenses, travel to an international meeting and a stipend.
Eligibility for studentships depends on the criteria set by the appropriate funding body.

Studentships available

For details of PhD studentships available in the School of Life Sciences, please visit 'Studentships'.

Job Opportunities

Research Fellow in Protein Production 

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