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SoCoBio Doctoral Training Partnership Scholarships open for applications

20 November 2020

A new round of South Coast Biosciences (SoCoBio) Doctoral Training Partnership scholarships are open for applications.

Sussex set to celebrate LGBTQ+STEM Day with online event

2 November 2020

The University of Sussex is celebrating LGBTQ+STEM Day with a special online event on 18 November.

Why biological studies on queer people do more harm than good

15 September 2020

When studying vulnerable groups, scientists should always be aware of the context their studies take place in.

Sussex student to host panel discussions on the experiences of BAME scientists

8 July 2020

A PhD student is hosting two online discussions to share the successes and challenges experienced by a panel of BAME scientists.

Scientists reveal key step in maintenance of DNA replication

19 June 2020

Scientists have identified which function of an essential protein is vital for ensuring DNA replication and cell viability.

Behavioural and data scientist to speak about unconscious bias to the School of Life Sciences

18 June 2020

Freelance journalist and author Dr Pragya Agarwal is giving a Zoom talk on Thursday 25 June at 1pm.

Sussex student to increase visibility of BAME role models in science

8 June 2020

A PhD student aims to increase the visibility of role models in science for BAME students by building a community that extends beyond the School.

Research reveals how cells arrange their structure during mitosis

29 May 2020

Scientists have discovered a novel mechanism by which cells arrange their structure during the complex process of cell division, or mitosis.

Research laboratories prepare for partial reopening

29 May 2020

Health and safety measures and guidance have been put in place so that some research laboratories on campus can re-open today and early next week.

Research demonstrates how proteins work together to complete cell division

22 May 2020

Sussex research has demonstrated how two proteins work in tandem to initiate and complete the process of cell division.

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