Genome Damage and Stability Centre

People and contacts

Jon Baxter

Dr Jon Baxter
 Research Fellow

Alessandro Bianchi

Dr Alessandro Bianchi
Senior Lecturer

Keith Caldecott

Professor Keith Caldecott
Professor of Biochemistry

Tony Carr

Professor Tony Carr
Professor of Molecular Genetics
Director of GDSC

Dr Kok-Lung Chan

Dr Kok-Lung Chan
Senior Research Fellow

Prof Aidan Doherty

Professor Aidan Doherty
Professor of Biochemistry

Penny Jeggo

Professor Penny Jeggo
Professorial Fellow

Alan Lehmann

Professor Alan Lehmann
Research Professor, Molecular Genetics

Louise Newnham

Dr Louise Newnham
Senior Lecturer in Genome Stability


Prof O'Driscoll

Professor Mark O'Driscoll
Professor Of Human Molecular Genetics

Antony Oliver

Dr Antony Oliver
Senior Research Fellow

Laurence Pearl

Professor Laurence Pearl
Professor of Structural Biology

Prof Rass

Professor Ulrich Rass
Professor of Genome Stability and Head of Department

Prof Soutoglou

Professor Evi Soutoglou
Professor of Genome Stability