Sensor Technology Research Centre

Welcome to the Sensor Technology Research Centre

We are a grouping of academics sharing interests in sensors and their applications.

We are a world-leading sensor research centre comprising activities along wearable computing and embedded intelligent systems, flexible and stretchable electronics, mobile and wireless communication, IoT and vehicular networks, elecrophysiology and fundamentals of sensors.

The synergies and tight links between our research groups allow us to consistently advance research projects beyond the state of the art and address application-oriented demands from industry and third parties.

The applications domains we cover include: remote sensing, forensics, communication, healthcare, rehabilitation, smart assistance, context-aware systems, vehicular communication, energy management, wearable and implantable electronics, and many others.

The Centre has pioneered a new class of device with generic measurement capability, the Electric Potential Sensor (EPS), which has been licensed to industrial partners and is now being marketed as an integrated circuit device.

The STRC comprises 7 academics in the the following research groups:




Dr. Daniel Roggen

Reader in Sensor Technology

Director of the Sensor Technology Research Centre

Head of the Wearable Technologies Group

Research areas: Wearable Technologies, Intelligent Embedded Systems

Dr. Zhengguo Sheng

Lecturer in Advanced Networks and Communications

Head of the Vehicular Communications Group

Research areas: Vehicular communications, IoT


Dr. Niko Münzenrieder

Lecturer in Sensor Technology

Head of the Flexible Electronics Group

Research areas: Soft and biocompatible electronics, Field-effect transistors, Conditioning circuits, Thin-film technology, Oxide semiconductors

Ali  Dr. Menguc Oner

Dr. Elizabeth Rendon Morales

Lecturer in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Research areas: Bioelectronics, Biological sensing, Biosensors, Cardio-engineering, Electrode Potentials, Electrophysiology, Medical sensors, wireless medical

Dr. Falah Ali

Reader in Digital Communications

Head of the Communications research group

Research areas: 5G Mobile and wireless communications, Wireless sensor networks and Internet of Things, Vehicular Communications, Machine communications, Data Analytic and Intelligence




Prof. Robert Prance

Research Professor

Head of the Fundamentals of Sensing Group

Research areas: Fundamentals of Sensor Technologies


Research Group presentation - Engineering 50th Anniversary


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