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The Fundamentals of Sensor Technologies group has has pioneered a new class of device with generic measurement capability, the Electric Potential Sensor (EPS), which has been licensed to our industrial partner Plessey Semiconductors and is now being marketed as an integrated circuit device. Electric Potential Sensors may be regarded, for most purposes, as near perfect voltmeters with almost infinite input impedance.

Prototype ECG demonstration unit developed at Sussex

The technology is unique to Sussex, was invented here and is patented worldwide. The technology has been licensed and the first generation of sensors is now available commercially. Our fundamental research concentrates on understanding the measurement process at the extremes of high impedance and low capacitance, devising novel measurement scenarios and applying these to a range of practical demonstrators.

The Sensor Technology Research Centre is a very active research group with three full time faculty members, technical support, research fellows and postgraduate students. We are funded by a variety of sources with a mixture of EPSRC, other government agencies and industry. The Centre maintains a high profile in the academic research community and publishes regularly in highly rated journals. Our research has been featured in recent reports by both the EPSRC and RCUK.

Many of our research projects are multi-disciplinary and involve collaborative partners from other disciplines and institutions. We believe that working closely with industry, government organisations and user groups ensures that our research directions remain relevant in a rapidly changing economic and political environment.

The applications of the EPS include:

  • Forensics
  • Structural Health Monitoring
  • Electrophysiology (ExG)
  • Semiconductor Imaging
  • Security

Currently funded projects


Funded by Start date See link

Detector pilot project


Jan 2013


ECG monitor

Rescon Ltd.

Dec 2012

STRC - Healthcare

DeNeCor neural sensing project


July 2013


HITEA Aero-engine instrumentation

Technology Strategy Board

Dec 2012


Single sided NMR imaging system

EPSRC CASE Studentship

Jan 2009


Measurement and characterisation of the electric stress field in geological and manmade materials (E-Stress)





(first grant award)




July 2012




STRC - Structural Heal Monitoring




STRC & Plessey Semiconductors Awards

Winner of the IET "Measurement in Action" innovation award 2011

Winner of the NMI Research & Development achievement 2011

Winner of Gold Award at the "Best of Sensors EXPO" 2011

Selected for the EDN "Hot 100 products" list 2011

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