Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Business Ethics

Module code: N1574
Level 6
15 credits in spring semester
Teaching method: Workshop, Lecture
Assessment modes: Take away paper, Coursework

The module aims to provide an investigation of the relationship between organisations and their stakeholder groups, and the social accountability and responsibilities that a corporation holds towards different stakeholders.

The module will introduce you to concepts of corporate governance, socially responsible investment and ethical issues relevant to contemporary business. It will be contemporary, interesting, stretching and relevant, and should build on and integrate with other modules that you have taken and/or are taking.

Module learning outcomes

  • Display a systematic understanding of the key concepts, principles and theoretical underpinning of corporate social responsibility and business ethics
  • Undertake critical analysis and evaluation of a selected organisation’s current stakeholder practice and corporate social responsibility strategies.
  • Demonstrate effective work as part of a team to communicate critical understanding of concepts, principles and theories in the area of CSR
  • Appreciate the complex and contested area of CSR and business ethics as an emergent area of study and within the context business and management.