People, Purpose and Performance

Module code: N1590
Level 5
15 credits in spring semester
Teaching method: Workshop, Lecture
Assessment modes: Coursework, Take away paper

You study how a strong workforce with relevant experience, skills and capabilities enables companies to remain competitive in industry, and examine why some companies are filling positions with people who do not have the right skills for the job.

You address these issues by focusing on what organisations can do to make better use of human capital resources. 

You examine key questions, including how to: 

  • motivate employees to reach their full potential
  • develop employees’ capabilities
  • attract highly capable employees
  • retain highly capable employees
  • align individual employees with organisation strategies.

Module learning outcomes

  • Understand how relevant motivation theories and other organisational behaviour principles can be applied to inform human resource practices that aim towards maximising employees’ performance and potential.
  • Critically evaluate the different human resource practices that can be implemented by organisations to utilise human capital resources, including recruitment and selection, performance management, human resource development, etc.
  • Understand what organisations can do to address issues that may hinder the utilisation of human capital resources, such as workplace diversity, workplace conflicts, organisational change, etc.
  • Apply the theories, concepts and practices covered in the module to analyse the current business context.