How to choose your modules

Find out the structure of your teaching at Sussex, our assessment process and how your credits transfer back to your home institution.

Note: Due to the ongoing impact of Covid-19, the University of Sussex has taken the difficult decision to cancel the Undergraduate Summer School for 2021. Further details and structure of future programmes will be updated below in due course. 

Choosing your modules

See below for guidance on how to choose modules for a Semester or Year at Sussex.

  • Summer School

    Check back later in the year to see further guidance on how to choose modules for our 2022 Summer School. 

  • Study Abroad Semester/Year

    A module is a credit-bearing unit of study. Modules are listed by subject area, although some changes may be made to module form or content. The total number of credits you should take are:

    • full year: 120 credits
    • autumn or spring term: 60 credits

    You will be required to choose six modules on your application. You can take any combination of modules for which you are academically qualified, including a mix of arts, humanities, social sciences, science and technology modules.

    You need to list your modules in order of preference and include alternatives, as places may be limited due to student demand. We will always aim to place you on your preferred choices and if this is not possible, we’ll make sure to let you know at the earliest opportunity.

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When you study abroad at Sussex, you’ll learn in a series of seminars and lectures and will be expected to:

  • attend all classes scheduled in your timetable
  • carry out lab work (if taking a science module)
  • attend workshops
  • undertake independent learning, such as reading, preparing for classes or writing assignments.

Note: We can put reasonable adjustments in place for students impacted by disability and long-term health conditions. These can include extra time and rest breaks. Find out more about our student support.

  • Summer School

    Check back later in the year to see the teaching format for the 2022 Summer School. 

  • Study Abroad Semester/Year

    For Semester or Year study, each module requires approximately 150 hours of work, and this will consist of contact time and independent study.

    When your place has been confirmed at Sussex. You will receive an email inviting you to register. It’s a straightforward process, you will need to follow the steps to confirm your details. You will then be able to view your timetable via an student portal called Sussex Direct.

Assessment and grading

Further information on how you will be assessed at Sussex and receiving your transcript.

  • Summer School

    Check back later in the year to see the assessment and grading process for the 2022 Summer School. 

  • Study Abroad Semester/Year

    You will be assessed by a mixture of unseen exams, essays and presentations. If the mode of assessment says 'observation,' the module will be assessed on a pass/fail basis.

    We recommend you don't take too many modules with a type of assessment that you may find difficult or stressful, and you should talk to your academic adviser at your home university so they can help you decide which modules are best suited for your degree.

    The UK grading system may be different to your home institution. We use percentages to grade work. When you get your transcript at the end of your study abroad it will show a percentage score and a pass/fail mark.

    Students studying for the Autumn semester will receive transcripts in March.

    Students studying at Sussex for the Spring semester and the full academic year will receive transcripts in July.

Study level

We offer a range of study abroad modules at different Undergraduate levels:

  • Level 4 (Year 1) corresponds to the US sophomore or European second year
  • Level 5 (Year 2) corresponds to American junior and senior levels
  • Level 6 (Year 3) corresponds to American junior and senior levels
  • Summer School

    Check back later in the year to see the study level for the 2022 Summer School. 

  • Study Abroad Semester/Year

    Most students take level 5 modules but if you have a strong background in a subject, you can take level 6 modules. However, some modules have prerequisites (included in the module description). You may be able to choose level 4 modules if you want to take an introductory module in a subject you've not studied before.

    Some level 6 modules are very specialised and would normally be taken in graduate school at a US university. You are expected to take mainly level 5 modules for Study Abroad Semester/Year.

Credit transfer

All our modules have been formally approved for Sussex credits. This means your study abroad experience can count towards your degree at most colleges and universities.

  • Summer School – check back later in the year to see our Sussex credits for the Summer School. 
  • Study Abroad Semester – 60 Sussex credits
  • Study Abroad Year – 120 Sussex credits

Please note, policies and degree requirements vary. We recommend you consult with your study abroad advisor at your home institution, before choosing your modules to ensure transfer of module credit is approved.

See how University of Sussex credit values convert into the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and US Semester Hours, although this varies between US universities.

120 60 30
60 30 15
30 15 8
15 7.5 4
6 3 1.5

Note: this guide serves as the ECTS Information Package

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