Principles of Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management

Module code: N1062
Level 4
15 credits in spring semester
Teaching method: Lecture, Workshop
Assessment modes: Coursework

This module explores the causes and effects of human interaction in an organisation and how humans at individual, group and organisational level influence organisations. Organisational performance depends on appropriate incentives to individuals, developing effective teams, designing an attractive job environment and managing organisational structure.

Focusing on these issues, the module is divided into four themes based on the level of analysis:

  • individual – we will look at the individual's contribution to organisation and the factors affecting their behaviour
  • group – the nature and significance of groups in organisations will be discussed and the range of skills required for effective team work and factors affecting working in groups will also be explored
  • organisational – organisational design and culture, inspiring workers through norms, beliefs and behaviour, and management in the work place will be explained
  • human resource management – we will examine the aspects of developing human capital through recruitment, training, development and reward, which will create a sustainable commitment to organisational goals and to ensure high performance.

There will be two forms of assessment for this module with an equal weighting for coursework and an unseen exam. The coursework component will invovle a Group Report analysing concepts of human resource management and organisational behaviour in a chosen organisation. Formative feedback for this assessment will be provided by peers and tutors on the work-in-progress presentation of this report in seminars.

An unseen exam at the end of the term will cover the remaining assessment. You will participate in a role playing game in your final seminar analysing and discussing the concepts taught during the lecture as a formative exercise.

Module learning outcomes

  • Apply concepts and theories relating to organisational behavioural and human resource management to analyse workplace issues
  • Develop arguments in relation to concepts and theories of human interaction at individual, group and organisational level
  • Assess the influence of HR practices and aspects of organisational behaviour on organisational performance
  • Understand themes in the external environment and determine their effect on organisations as places of work