Operations Management

Module code: N1078
Level 5
15 credits in spring semester
Teaching method: Lecture, Workshop
Assessment modes: Coursework, Essay

This module provides you with an understanding of how the fundamental principles of operations management can support the improvement of management performance in both public and private organisations. During the module, you will apply these principles to both manufacturing and service operations.

You will gain an understanding of the systemic and interactive nature of operations management problems and their relationship to the external environment. In addition, the module will allow you to develop quantitative and qualitative analytical skills, through guided problem-based activities and case study analysis.

The content of the module covers:

  • Operations strategy
  • Designing operations
  • Organisation design
  • Planning and control
  • Lean operations
  • Project management
  • Managing quality and continous process/product improvement
  • Managing the supply chain and future direction of travel for operations management.

Module learning outcomes

  • Explain the process used by organisations to set operational objectives, identify and select competitive and operational choices.
  • Evaluate and differentiate key operational processes in both service and manufacturing sectors.
  • Apply analytical frameworks to case studies in order to understand operational processes and context.
  • Identify methods for improving the management of operations and evaluate the appropriateness of quality management techniques.