Organisational Psychology

Module code: N1657
Level 5
15 credits in spring semester
Teaching method: Lecture, Workshop
Assessment modes: Coursework, Report

Organisational Psychology is the application of behavioural science to the world of work. It is about understanding people and their cognitions, emotions, and behaviours (i.e., how and why people think, feel, and behave in the ways that they do), and importantly, predicting their cognitions, emotions, and behaviours (e.g., how can we reduce workplace stress? How can we facilitate authentic leadership?). Organisational Psychologists thus, apply psychological principles to design legal, fair, and ethical interventions to support workers, teams, and organisations in achieving their aims. In this module, you will learn, synthesise, and reflect on behavioural science and propose evidence-based solutions to some common and salient workplace issues (e.g., improving inclusion, minimising stress, nurturing engagement).

Module learning outcomes

  • To critically understand the key principles, concepts, theories, and approaches in Organisational Psychology.
  • To critically evaluate the behavioural science related to people‚Äôs work experiences and organisational practices.
  • To deploy psychological principles and implement evidence-based good practices to solving common workplace challenges.
  • To propose solutions and recommendations on how Organisational Psychology can improve inclusion and redress inequalities in the workplace.