Developing Leadership (LEAD)

Module code: N1076
Level 6
15 credits in autumn semester
Teaching method: Workshop, Lecture
Assessment modes: Coursework

Organisations have traditionally conceived of leadership as a heroic attribute, appointing the few 'real' leaders to high-level senior positions in order to get them through the hard times. Many observers within organisations are questioning this approach and are beginning to think about the need to recognise and utilise a wider range of leadership practices.

Leadership, they argue, needs to be conceived of as something that happens across functions and levels, and that is closely connected with social, cognitive and communicative skills such as those employed in negotiation and decision-making. New concepts and frameworks are needed in order to embrace this more inclusive understanding.

This module adopts a systems approach, which focuses on method, people, context, and need. As such, the module offers a perspective that links the two dimensions of people and situation with two additional dimensions of process and content (methods and outcomes).

Module learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate systematic understanding of leadership theory and its relevance to contemporary businesses
  • Devise and sustain arguments in relation to contemporary issues in leadership
  • Demonstrate coherent and detailed knowledge informed by current research of key leadership theories, approaches to leadership and negotiation in diverse contexts
  • Describe and comment on challenges faced by leaders in contemporary business