Introduction to Business and Management (Elective)

Module code: N1065E
Level 4
15 credits in autumn semester
Teaching method: Workshop, Lecture
Assessment modes: Coursework, Report

Introduction to Business and Management is an introductory study of contemporary organisations and their management. It explores the types of purposes of organisations, their stakeholders (CSR) and changing environments together with their key managerial processes – entrepreneurship, organisational structure, leading, strategic planning and change.

The focus throughout is on helping you achieve a critical and reflective approach, and learning to apply relevant concepts, tools and models.

The coursework component of assessment requires you to choose an organisation that is of interest to you and to explore, critically, the way in which it handles a process of your choice. You are supported in this by the submission of a structured proposal on which formative feedback is given.

Seminar activities are participative and require preparatory work which is signposted though downloads and links on Study Direct well in advance.

Lectures are interactive, employing the use of quizzes and featuring clips from YouTube, such as Dragons' Den excerpts.

An unseen examination completes the assessment profile and you tackle a case study (which revisits keys concepts) in the final seminar as a formative exercise.

The module provides a platform for later study by encouraging skills in critical thinking, academic writing, concept acquisition and research. Introduction to Business and Management aims to facilitate the transition to university-level learning smoothly, meaningfully and enjoyably.

Module learning outcomes

  • Display understanding of a range of reliable and relevant concepts underlying the study of contemporary business and management
  • Show an ability to engage in a critical discussion of issues affecting contemporary business
  • Analyse a selected organisation's approach to a selected managerial process
  • Evaluate the success of a selected organisation's performance in its undertaking of a selected managerial process