Research Methods for Managers

Module code: N1504
Level 6
15 credits in autumn semester
Teaching method: Lecture, Workshop
Assessment modes: Report, Coursework

This course introduces you to the nature of business and management research and the tools often used by managers.

The course prepares you for applying your dissertation in an organisational or industry context and for undertaking management interventions in the workplace.

Topic areas include: 

  • nature of business and management research, what is it and who cares?
  • formulating research aim(s) and objectives to solve business and managerial problems
  • overview of the philosophy of thinking and claims which can be made
  • research designs and methodologies (case study, survey, etc.): paying particular attention to the interplay between research questions, analytical approaches and methods of data collection
  • sampling strategies and their implications for design choices contextualised for students studying business and management
  • data collection and analysis: sources of information, questionnaires, interviews, literature reviews, policy documents, observations, measurement, statistical techniques; qualitative data analysis, sources of bias and error, reporting research, contextualised for business and management problem solving
  • research ethics and project planning for business professionals.

Module learning outcomes

  • Apply research methods knowledge and skills with originality in situations of a professional nature where there is a requirement for initiative in a complex or unpredictable context;
  • Critically evaluate various research approaches, methods and techniques for their chosen topic of further study/research;
  • Critically discuss the ethical and practical issues and implications of undertaking business and management research;
  • Demonstrate understanding of different research methodologies and the ability to design appropriate research studies;