Psychology and Culture

Module code: C8571
Level 6
15 credits in autumn semester
Teaching method: Workshop
Assessment modes: Coursework, Essay

We live an increasingly diverse, interconnected and multicultural world.

On this module you will critically evaluates the extant literature on cultural differences and similarities in human thought and behaviour, including topics such as:

  • self-concepts
  • cognition
  • motivation
  • emotions.

You will examine different approaches to the study of cultural psychology and critically evaluate different research outcomes.

A key outcome of this module is to increase your cultural competence, including your knowledge about different cultures and the behaviours that are common in these cultures. This module can be very relevant for your future career.

Module learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of key theories in cultural psychology
  • Compare and contrast empirical evidence in the study of cultural psychology
  • Critically evaluate empirical evidence in the study of cultural psychology