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Podcast: Martin Yeomans on the psychology of food and drink

Recorded in March 2019

Martin Yeomans is a Professor of Experimental Psychology and Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange with the University of Sussex. He is founder of the Sussex Ingestive Behaviour Group, which conducts research on behavioural nutrition and explores how we develop a liking for different foods and drinks, and how we perceive flavour, among many other topics.

Yeomans has a long history of engaging with the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries internationally. His group has carried out consultancy and contract work with many international companies and has attracted over £3 million in grant income at Sussex to date.

Podcast: Anil Seth on his innovative approach to public engagement

Recorded in March 2019

Welcome to Impacted, our new podcast series about research for real change. Listen to the first episode where Anil Seth explores consciousness and shares his innovative approaches to public engagement and education.


Dr Richard de Visser, Reader in Health Psychology, describes how his research into the effectiveness of stop-drinking campaigns is helping raise awareness of the benefits of cutting back on alcohol.

Binge drinking is bad for the brain

Dora Duka’s research is pushing the boundaries of what we know about the brain and offering hope both to those who binge drink and alcoholics.

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Anil Seth, Professor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience and Co-Director of the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science, describes how technology can now illuminate what’s happening in our brains when we have experiences.

Giving children better life chances

Gordon Harold is a man on a mission – a mission to improve children’s mental health and their life chances.

Focusing on what helps children’s development rather than on what hinders it, he’s taking his research findings to parents, children, professionals and policy-makers.

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See how our research on crowd behaviour has helped shape procedure for mass decontamination


Eating junk food every day impairs memory and appetite control

20 February 2020

New research by psychologists in Australia, USA and the University of Sussex shows how eating ‘junk food’ affects the hippocampus.

University of Sussex retains award for excellence in researchers’ career development

11 February 2020

HR In Excellence in Research Award goes to University of Sussex for sixth consecutive year for excellence in supporting researchers develop careers.

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