Applying Psychology to Everyday Problems

Module code: C8101
Level 4
15 credits in autumn semester
Teaching method: Lecture
Assessment modes: Computer based exam, Coursework

This module introduces you to a variety of ways in which psychological knowledge is applied to everyday problems. It covers topics such as understanding mental health problems and how they can be treated, how psychology can be used to influence health and well-being, the role of psychology in the workplace, and the relevance of psychology to educational practice – including understanding why ‘bullying’ occurs and how we can prevent it. You will:

  • learn about some of the research and theories that support these applications of psychology to everyday problems
  • be introduced to the areas of professional applied psychology that underpin them.

Module learning outcomes

  • Describe and evaluate the contributions of five main areas of applied psychology
  • Describe and evaluate some of the research and theories that support these applied areas
  • Evaluate how psychological theory is used to solve practical problems encountered by different types of applied psychologists