International Development

PhD research

Explore some of the research projects our PhD students are involved in below. As a doctoral research student at Sussex, you are supported by two supervisors and often get the chance to hold seminars and take part in other research activities.

Current and recent research topics in international development, include:

  • A development challenge in a crisis state. HIV/AIDS prevention programmes and behavioural change in Zimbabwe. A case of Harare residents
  • Biodiversity conservation in South India: understanding the environmental practices and politics of indigenous communities in Nilgiri biosphere
  • Conservation, participation, and development: the rhetoric and reality of medicinal plant policies in Nepal
  • Dollar Bananas vs. Fair Trade Bananas: A study of a neo-colonial relationship
  • Groundwater Apathy: An Optic to Explain Groundwater (Non)Governance: A Case Study of the Indus Basin of Pakistan
  • Integrated conservation in Mexico: reconciling conservation and sustainable development within protected nature areas
  • Knowledge sharing on child labour and its prevention: the involvement of child migrant workers in Samut Sakhon, Thailand
  • Networks, malandros and social control: exploring the connections between inequality and violence in Venezuela
  • Perceptions and realities of the poor in Nigeria: poverty, livehihoods and risks
  • Queering Cuba: How have women engaging in non-normative sexualities and gender identities participated in political, economic and social life?
  • When disaster strikes: why people in Bangladesh make certain decisions on their livelihoods when faced with environmental stress and climate change impacts.