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Our research tackles real-world problems. The anthropology we teach at Sussex seeks to foster a better world, built on the principles of tolerance, equity and mutual understanding.

You’ll study in a supportive and challenging learning environment. Questioning your own and others’ assumptions, you’ll develop a richer understanding of the world – so you can make a difference.

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Meet Maya

Maya Unnithan, Professor of Social and Medical Anthropology, focuses her research on ensuring population policy and health services focused on fertility control are developed with an understanding of the everyday realities people face.

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The undergraduate view


  • Video transcript

    My name's Teddy, I'm an Anthropology and International Relations student at here at Sussex, who's primarily interested in learning about different cultures and nations and societies.

    Today, I'm going to talk you through why I joined Sussex, my experiences here and where I plan to take my degree over the next few years and beyond.


    So what really drew me to Sussex was it's amazing location. As a Londoner it was the perfect distance from home and I've always had really fond memories of being in Brighton.

    My interest in university increased after I went to the Open Day where I walked around the campus and saw it had an amazing vibe, was surrounded by hills and forests and nature, which is definitely a bonus for me.


    From the offset I really loved Sussex.

    I made some really good friends in the first few weeks, some of whom I've spoken to previously on social media, and I found that my course is just as interesting as I expected it to be.

    With a really accessible pace.


    Anthropology is beyond fascinating, and it's so varied.

    One week you'll be learning about gender, the next, family, and the next, the exchange system for a small town in Papua New Guinea.

    There really is something for everyone on this course.

    And that's why I found the research process so interesting for each essay.

    As I've been able to customise and personalise what I write about based on my passions and interests.


    Since being at university, my confidence has grown so much.

    I've become way more independent, and my courses taught me how to analyse global issues to a much wider extent, and I'll carry this with me wherever I go in the future.


    I'm really excited about where I'm going to take my degree in the next few years and beyond.

    I'm currently in the process of researching a year abroad in between my second and third years, potentially in Malaysia, potentially in Prague or Milan or Istanbul.

    This is a really exciting experience and the university is helping me with every step.

    In terms of career prospects, there are a lot of different options I'm considering.

    I'm currently looking into NGO work, Civil Service work or diplomacy, but primarily I want a job where I'm experiencing the cultures that I'm learning about every single day in my Anthropology course.


    All in all, I just say get excited about university.

    There's so much to look forward to, you're going to make so many friends and be able to explore your interests in ways you never have before.

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