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Why migration deterrents don’t work: Higher walls just means longer ladders, says Professor Mike Collyer at the Sussex Centre for Migration Research.


Tackling epidemics

When Ebola emerged in 2013, it came from a place that James Fairhead, Professor of Social Anthropology at Sussex, knows very well from his years of fieldwork in the villages of Guinea.

It quickly became clear to him that the humanitarian operation had lost control because the response teams lacked knowledge of local customs and politics.

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Picture credit: Simon Davis/DFID [CC BY 2.0]


Peter Newell, Professor of International Relations, says new alliances will help governments and businesses to adopt low-carbon energy systems.

Educating policy-makers in India

Maya Unnithan is determined to improve understanding of issues like infertility, to educate policy-makers and frontline health workers.

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Stefan Elbe, Professor of International Relations and Director of the Centre for Global Health, explains how power relations within and between governments affect the health of nations.


Using techniques learnt in astrophysics, researchers can now forecast drought up to ten weeks ahead

21 July 2020

Researchers at the University of Sussex have developed a system which can accurately predict a period of drought in East Africa up to ten weeks ahead.

University of Sussex retains award for excellence in researchers’ career development

11 February 2020

HR In Excellence in Research Award goes to University of Sussex for sixth consecutive year for excellence in supporting researchers develop careers.

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