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The Centre for Global Political Economy (CGPE) at Sussex, was launched in 2000 to fill an important gap in the theory and practice of International Political Economy.

The Centre for Global Political Economy is a vibrant community of scholars from an array of disciplines. What unites us is a concern with how global capitalism generates diverse patterns of wealth, exploitation, dispossession, and ecological devastation around the world, and how these dynamics are resisted by communities and social movements.

Alongside many established scholars, our doctoral researchers and postgraduate students are a vital part of CGPE and we provide a range of opportunities for intellectual exchange and engagement with leading and emergent voices from around the world.

Centre objectives:

CGPE members are at the forefront of numerous debates and research agendas that are of central importance to the contemporary global political economy and to the multiple and interrelated social and ecological crises we are facing.

These include trade and finance; environment and development; labour and social movements. We aspire to develop new theoretical and conceptual tools and categories that are able to capture and analyse the actors, processes, structures and historical dynamics of contemporary global political economy, and the complexity of their (inter)relationship. We aim to produce cutting edge empirical research on key issues in contemporary global political economy. This involves enquiry into the origins and nature of the contemporary global political economy as well as exploration of potential alternative orderings.

This provides a venue for thinking on innovative policies and solutions for the urgent problems, threats and opportunities generated by the existing dynamics. We work with movements and activists to challenge power relations and inequalities and imagine alternative futures. We welcome collaborations with researchers, governmental and intergovernmental institutions, NGOs, trade unions, social movements, private actors, and broader publics interested in these themes by way of conferences, workshops, seminars, lectures, and publications about our research.

From 2021/22, the centre is focusing our outward-facing activities on two seminar series:

•         Feminist and Anti-Colonial Interventions in Political Economy and Political Ecology

•         Law, Violence and Development

We have close links with the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies at Universidad Libre in Colombia and the Critical Development Studies Unit at the Autonomous University of Zacatecas in Mexico. 

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