Department of Anthropology


Sussex Anthropology has a reputation for world-class research and a commitment to studying global issues, including health, human rights, politics, the global economy and the environment.

All Sussex anthropologists conduct primary research, mainly through long-term ethnographic fieldwork, which leads to publications that include book-length monographs, or ethnographies, edited collections and journal articles.

We have a strong commitment to interdisciplinary, internationally collaborative and engaged research.

Our Research Excellence Framework 2021 results

100% of our Anthropology impact has been assessed as at least internationally excellent, with 66.7% world leading, in the most recent Research Excellence Framework (REF 2021). Our Department’s research (as submitted to UoA 22 Anthropology and Development Studies) was assessed overall to be 41% ‘world leading’ (4*) and 51% ‘internationally excellent’ (3*); combined, 92% was judged as either ‘world leading’ or ‘internationally excellent’. In particular, 66.7% of Anthropology's Impact was assessed as 'outstanding' and the remaining 33.3% as ‘very considerable’.

Research themes

Our research themes are Economy and Ecology, Politics and Activism, Ethics and Morality, Rights, Justice and Violence and Health, Science and the Body.

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Research centres

Our anthropologists are also involved in the following interdisciplinary research centres:

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Where we conduct research