Centre for Social Work Innovation and Research



Barry LuckockThe Centre Director is Barry Luckock (Senior Lecturer in Social Work and Social Policy), supported by Yasin Koc (Graduate Teaching and Research Associate) and Claire Durrant (Research Fellow).

Steering group

Professor Gillian Ruch (Social Work and Social Care) (Chair)

Professor Janet Boddy (Education)

Professor Jo Bridgeman (Law)

Professor Jackie Cassell (Brighton and Sussex Medical School)

Professor Jo Moran-Ellis (Sociology)

Louise Sims (Researcher, Social Work and Social Care)

Professor David Weir (Informatics)

Bella Wheeler (Researcher, Social Work and Social Care)

International advisory group


Sussex academic staff

The following were active members of CSWIR research projects and activities during the inaugural year:

Professor Robin Banerjee (Psychology)

Professor Janet Boddy (Education)

Professor Suzy Braye (Social Work and Social Care)

Dr Henglien (Lisa) Chen (Social Work and Social Care)

Dr Kristine Hickle (Social Work and Social Care)

Professor Michelle Lefevre (Social Work and Social Care)

Barry Luckock (Social Work and Social Care)

Dr Reima Ana Maglajlic (Social Work and Social Care)

Dr Tish Marrable (Social Work and Social Care)

Professor Jo Moran-Ellis (Sociology)

Dr Sevasti-Melissa Nolas (Social Work and Social Care)

Dr David Orr (Social Work and Social Care)

Professor Gillian Ruch (Social Work and Social Care)

Professor Elaine Sharland (Social Work and Social Care)

Professor David Weir (Informatics)

Dr Russell Whiting (Social Work and Social Care)

Research fellows

Dr Vinnarasan Aruldoss

Claire Durrant (Impact Acceleration Officer)

Anna Ridgewell

Dr Christos Varvantakis

Visiting research fellows

CSWIR hosted the work of a number of Visiting Research Fellows during our inaugural year from around the world:

Dr. Fenghuaqin, School of Teacher Education, Nanjing Xiaozhuang University, China
Comparative study of child protection in China and England
March - August 2015

Dr Chris Hall, Durham University
Social Work communication in practice
June 2014- June 2017

Professor Randi Juul and Inger Sophie Hsuby, Faculty of Health Education and Social Work, Trondheim 
Social Education and Child Welfare Work Program
September –December 2015

Dr Mona Livholts, Linkoping, Sweden
Social Work in a Glocalised World
January – August 2016

Doctoral researchers

CSWIR supports social work doctoral research undertaken on the Doctor of Social Work (DSW) and PhD courses:

Doctor of Social Work

  • Simon Abbott
    How do Social Work Approved Mental Health Professionals use the law in action?
  • Jacqui Carlebach
    Title to be confirmed
  • Paul Dugmore
    Acknowledging emotions and being able to bear them: A study into the practice of social work with children
  • Lorraine Ellames
    Dementia care training: the view of dementia care workers
  • Matthew Ellis
    Young people, harmful sexual behaviour and identity: How do young peoples’ narratives develop during treatment for harmful sexual behaviour?
  • Helen K. Evans
    In what ways is the concept of `preparation for independent adult life constructed by leaving care workers in the context of their practice with young people as they leave the care system?
  • Risthardh Hare
    A Realistic Evaluation of the implementation of a systemic therapy course in a statutory social work setting in relation to work with domestic violence
  • Tirion Havard
    Beyond geographical boundaries: the covert role of mobile phones in maintaining power and coercive control in the domestic abuse of women
  • Mark Holloway
    Acquired Brain Injury: The lived experience of relatives.
  • Fiona K. Johnson
    The systems approach to serious case reviews: Has it improved learning?
  • Rachel Larkin
    Social Work with Separated, Migrant Young Women in the UK
  • Alberto Poletti
    An exploration of how child protection social workers in England and Italy mediate between the emotional demands of their work and professional requirements of their role in order to practice safely and competently. An analysis of two case studies
  • Joanna Rowles
    How do social work students develop skills of professional judgement?
  • Silinaziso Sibanda
    Title to be confirmed
  • Makhan Shergill
    How do Newly Qualified Social Workers (NQSWs) describe the emotional and subjective aspects of their transition to the workplace, and what factors and processes influence their experience?
  • Naomi Sotendorp
    Title to be confirmed

PhD in Social Work and Social Care

  • Millicent Ayeh-Danquah Koomson
    Youth at risk of smoking and illegal drug use: a comparative study of use by immigrants in Sweden and UK
  • Leethen Bartholomew
    Accusations of child spirit possession and witchcraft: Experiences and outcomes for non-accused children within the same family network
  • Andrew Cheng
    Making it Ours: an exploration of a Participatory Action Research project, set in a community regeneration charity, building service user and practitioner co-production in aspects of the executive functions of community development.
  • Rachel Clarke
    Living well with dementia: Sustaining psychological wellbeing in working family carers
  • Jenny Hewitt
    Title to be confirmed
  • Andrea Jones
    Why and how do older people choose to live in intentional communities in the South of England?
  • Alexandra Kountouri
    Understanding the breast cancer journey: narratives of Cypriot women
  • Gemma North
    Assessing for bruises on the soul: an exploration of child protection social work with intrafamilial emotional abuse
  • Cynthia Okpokiri
    First-generation Nigerian Immigrant Parents and Child Welfare Issues in Britain
  • Rachael Owens
    Scaling up and Digging down – exploring developmental issues arising in the implementation of the family nurse partnership model
  • Tasleem Rana
    Against the odds? A case study of developing community participation with vulnerable inner-city children and young people
  • Louise M. Sims
    What can be learned from the practice encounter in adoption support social work?
  • Roma Thomas
    Doing Boy Work? Young masculine subjectivities and professional practice
  • Bella Wheeler
    Spaces after modernity: a systems-based examination of narrative and identity formation and environments for health and cohesion
  • Elsie Whittington
    Participatory process with young people: an exploration of sexual consent