SHL People

We are a collective of academics, artists, coders, creative practitioners, information professionals, makers, programmers, scholars, writers, theorists, thinkers and tinkerers - we write, we make, we do.

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The Sussex Humanities Lab is steered by the SHL Executive Group. Our Members are drawn from across the Schools of  Media, Arts, and Humanities, Education and Social Work; Engineering and Informatics; Law, Politics & Sociology; and the University Library. The SHL team also includes dedicated administrative and technical support and doctoral researchers. Additionally, we host Visiting Fellows and have a network of Associates (see SHL Associates). 

SHL Executive Group

Dr Alice Eldridge
SHL Co-Director & Reader in Sonic Systems (MAH)

Dr Ben Roberts
SHL Co-Director & Senior Lecturer in Digital Humanities  (MAH)

Dr Sharon Webb
SHL Co-Director & Senior Lecturer in Digital Humanities (MAH)

Prof David Weir
Professor of Computer Science (EngInf) 

Suzanne Tatham
Associate Director of the Library

Elena Dennison
School Research Programme Manager (MAH)

SHL Core Team

Dr Cecile Chevalier 
Senior Lecturer in Media Practice (MAH)

Dr Beatrice Fazi
Reader in Digital Humanities (MAH)

Prof Tim Hitchcock 
Professor of Digital History (MAH) 

Dr Nimi Hoffman
Lecturer in International Education and Development (ESW)

Dr Sam Ladkin
Senior Lecturer in Creative and Critical Writing - English (MAH)

Dr Justyna Robinson
Senior Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics (MAH) 

Dr Ivor Simpson
Lecturer Artificial Intelligence (EngInf)

Amy Waldron
Digital Development Manager (Library)

SHL Support Team

Kate Malone
Administrator & Communications Officer

Alex Peverett
SHL Research Technician

SHL Research Fellows

Dr Alexander Butterworth
Research Fellow in Digital Publishing and Data Visualisation (EngInf)

Dr Ben Jackson
Research Fellow in Digital Humanities (Library)

Dr Andy Robertson
Research Fellow (Enginf)

Dr Joseph Walton
Research Fellow in Digital Humanities/Critical & Cultural Theory & tutor in English (MAH)

SHL  Project Research Fellows

Dr Sandra Nelson
Research Fellow in Media & Film (MAH)

Dr Duncan Hay
Research Fellow on Tools of Knowledge project (Enginf)

SHL/TAG Research Fellows

Mr Simon Wibberley
Research Fellow in Digital Humanities (Enginf)

Mr Jack Pay
Research Fellow in Digital Humanities (Enginf)

SHL Faculty Members

Prof Peter Boxall
Professor of English (MAH)

Dr Natalia Cecire
Senior Lecturer in English & American Literature (MAH)

Prof Andy Clark 
Professor in Cognitive Philosophy (MAH)

Dr Flora Dennis
Senior Lecturer In Art History (MAH)

Dr Evelyn Ficarra
Senior Lecturer in Music (MAH)

Dr Kate Howland
Senior Lecturer in Interaction Design (Enginf)

Prof Ed Hughes
Professor of Composition in Music (MAH)

Prof Margaretta Jolly
Professor of Cultural Studies (MAH)

Dr Michael Jonik
Senior Lecturer in English and American Literature (MAH)

Dr Chris Kiefer
Lecturer in Music Technology (MAH)

Dr Laura Kounine
Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History (MAH)

Prof Thor Magnusson 
Professor of Future Music (MAH)

Dr Jacob Norris
Senior Lecturer in Middle East History (MAH)

Prof Kate O'Riordan
Dean of Media, Arts & Humanities Professor Of Digital Culture (MAH)

Dr Jeremy Reffin
Research Professor Informatics (Enginf)

Prof Rachel Thomson
Professor of Childhood & Youth Studies (ESW)

Dr Judith Townend
Senior Lecturer in Media and Information Law ( School of Law, Politics & Sociology)

Dr Christopher Warne
Senior Lecturer History & Sussex Centre for Migration Research (MAH)

Dr Alban Webb
Lecturer in Media & Cultural Studies (MAH)

Dr Julie Weeds
Lecturer in Computer Science (Informatics)

SHL Visiting Fellows

Laurence Hill (2021 - 2023) SHL Visiting Fellow

Sissel Marie Tonn (2021 - 2022) SHL Visiting Fellow 

Ian Winters (2021 - 2022)  SHL Visiting Fellow 

SHL Artist in Residence

Kate Shields (2021- 2022)

SHL PhD Community Advocates

Rosie Gahnstrom

Fiona Miller

Ellie Priest

Hanna Randall

Nathan Richards

SHL Doctoral Students

Nathan Richards 

Freja Howat 

SHL Associates and Visiting Researchers

Prof Caroline Bassett, Director of Cambridge Digital Humanities, SHL Associate

Dr Kaitlyn Marie Braybrooke, CreaTures, Kings Digital Humanities, SHL Associate

Dr Wesley Goatley, London College of Communication, SHL Associate

Dr Louise Falcini, SHL Associate 

Prof Sally Jane Norman, Director and Professor at New Zealand School of Music, SHL Associate

Please see separate SHL Associates page for details of the SHL Associates network and how to join.


Sussex Humanities Lab, SILVERSTONE SB211, Arts Road, Falmer, East Sussex, BN1 9RG