The Sussex Humanities Lab (SHL) is one of University of Sussex’s four flagship research programmes. By investigating the interactions between computational technology, culture, society and environment we imagine and create more sustainable and equitable futures for all.

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We are a collective of academics, artists, coders, creative practitioners, information professionals, makers, programmers, scholars, writers, theorists, thinkers and tinkerers - we write, we make, we do.  

SHL members currently span the arts, humanities, informatics, social science, and the library. Our research ranges from community archives to AI, media theory to conservation, critical heritage to intersectional feminism, digital humanities to experimental music technology and critical making. 

We collaborate with academics across the University and beyond through our SHL Associates network, and with non-academic partners in industry, cultural and heritage sectors, and community groups. We welcome doctoral researchers, and run a Visiting Fellows scheme to facilitate national and international collaboration. 

By experimenting with tools of culture and technology we aim to imagine and create more sustainable and equitable futures for all.  

SHL was founded in 2015. Since then, we have been awarded in excess of £3.6 million in research grants and have developed Digital Humanities teaching portfolios across the University. 

Lab Research  

The Sussex Humanities Lab holds a diverse portfolio of research projects which investigate the interactions between computational technology, culture, society and environment. Our outputs include publications, performances, artworks, instruments, exhibitions, software, tools, code, methodologies, resources and myriad objects and media.  

Our current research priority areas reflect the work and research of our core members. They exemplify our current research strengths and embed our core values of intersectional equality, diversity and sustainability. We recognise that working across disciplines within the academy and with partners in wider communities is the only way to achieve this.


Sussex Humanities Lab, SILVERSTONE SB211, Arts Road, Falmer, East Sussex, BN1 9RG

If you have any queries, email shl@sussex.ac.uk.