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SHL Digital has an active programme of events to help nurture the next generation of researchers, and support colleagues gain new digital skills and engage with cutting edge research.

A termly Seminar Series of external speakers and Open Workshops, plus our Incubator Programme which aims at igniting conversations across campus to generate and develop new ideas and collaborations, open-door fortnightly research & technical surgeries, social events, and Research Forums open to all scholars.

We also run an annual Call for Project Proposals to provide seed funding for emerging ideas.


  • Seminar Series Autumn 2023

    Total Refusal - A seminar & live tour with Leonhard Müllner of Total Refusal a pseudo-Marxist guerrilla organisation, a collective of artists, researchers, and filmmakers who upcycle the resources of mainstream video games to create political narratives in the form of videos, interventions, performances, and lectures.

    Speaker: Leonhard Müllner

    Date: 23 October

    Time: 2-4pm

    Venue: Online Event

    Further details & registration


    Algorithmic Autobiographies (and fictions) - Many will be familiar with that targeted ad that follows you around the web, or that feeling that Facebook or Google is tracking your every move. In the age of ‘dataveillance’, platform providers use such techniques to predict our age, gender, and interests. But who does Meta/FB really think you are?

    Speakers: Dr Tanya Kant & Dr Sandra Nelson

    Date: 13 November

    Time: 2-3:45pm

    Venue: Sussex Digital Humanities Lab

    Further details & registration


    Imaginary Cities - Join artist Michael Takeo Magruder for an exploration of his work using digital tools to reanimate the data held in archival maps amongst other bodies of work.

    Speaker: Micheal Takeo Magruder

    Date: 4 December

    Time: 3-5pm

    Venue: Sussex Digital Humanities Lab

    Further details & registration

  • Open Workshops Autumn 2023

    Introduction to Soldering - Soldering is an essential skill for the modern musician & creative practitioner. This workshop will cover a hands-on introduction to soldering, wiring your own audio cables & building DIY contact microphones. 

    Workshop leads: Adam Staff & Alex Peverett

    Date: 18 October

    Time: 1- 4:30pm

    Venue: The Sussex Digital Humanities Lab

    Further details & registration


    The Digital Collage: A Digital Sustainability workshop - Digital technology may sometimes seem immaterial & ethereal, but it already has a carbon impact that is similar to all the flying in the world. It's also growing, & emerging AI technologies are likely to be power and resource hungry. So, can we understand what's going on? And what should we do about it?

    Workshop lead: Ash Goddard

    Date: 25 October

    Time: 2 – 5pm

    Venue: The Sussex Digital Humanities Lab

    Further details & registration


    Gathering Storm: Collaborative Storytelling for Alternative Futures workshopJoin artist and designer David Blandy for this exciting interactive workshop based around his collaborative world-building game, Gathering Storm. In this session we will explore collective world-building, using table top role-play techniques to think about how we can use these forms to explore colonialism, food security, and alternative futures.

    Workshop lead: David Blandy

    Date: 1 November

    Time: 2-4pm

    Venue: The Sussex Digital Humanities Lab

    Further details & registration (coming soon)


    AMPLE & the Music 500 workshop - Intended for home use, the Music 500 was operated with its own programming language called AMPLE. Through engaging with home music-making on the Music 500 with AMPLE, this re-enactment aims to interrogate historical creative coding practices for music through hands-on experience.

    Workshop leads: Paul McConnel & Alex Peverett

    Date: 15 November

    Time: 2 – 4:30pm

    Venue: The Sussex Digital Humanities Lab

    Further details & registration


    Data & Ethics Management workshop- If you need to collect data from humans, animals, social media or are conducting auto-ethnographic research then you will require ethics approval before starting. This session will tell you what ethics review is, how to apply and offer you personal support for your research.

    Workshop lead: Tim Parkinson

    Date: 22 November

    Time: 2- 3:30pm

    Venue: The Sussex Digital Humanities Lab

    Further information & registration


    Gathering Storm workshop 2

    Workshop lead: tbc

    Date: 6 December

    Time: 2-4pm

    Venue: The Sussex Humanities Lab

    Further details & registration (coming soon)

  • Incubator Programme 2023-24

    Research surgeries every other Monday, starting 2nd Oct 2023 with the SHL Programme Manager

    An opportunity to meet with Elena Dennison to chat informally about your research, bounce ideas, & ask questions. These sessions will be of interest to those working in SHL research areas, or those wanting to develop a research proposal within SHL’s remit.


    Research Software Engineer surgeries every other Thursdays 2-3pm in the lab starting 5 October 2023 with Nic Seymour-Smith.

    These are informal sessions to talk to Nic about your research idea and your possible needs for software development. Drop in and find out how Nic’s expertise can help you and your project. 

    2 November

    16 November

    30 November

    14 December

    11 January

    25 January

    7 February

    21 February

    4 April


    Data Dates: Thursdays, 2 – 4pm in the lab (in person)- 30 Nov 2023, 7 March 2024, 13 June 2024

    Having “data” is one thing, knowing what is possible computationally is another! To help bridge this gap, the Sussex Digital Humanities Lab is hosting 3 data dates - simply bring your data to the session and speak to our team about the possible methodologies available.

    Registration for 30 Nov session 


    SHL Research Forums: Mondays, 2-3pm in the lab (in person and on zoom):

    30 Oct 2023, 11 Dec 2023, 12 Feb 2024, and 15 April 2024

    The SHL Research Forum is a space for UoS researchers & potential research partners to develop research projects, as well as nourish our research community. Each month we welcome three or more speakers to share projects at different stages of development:

    1. Updates on current funded projects.
    2. Feedback on projects in planning for support during bid development and submission.
    3. Nourishing seeds of future projects through brainstorming ideas to help shape research funding bids.  


    SHL Lunches: Mondays, 1-2pm:

    2023: 2 Oct, 30 Oct, 4 Dec

    2024: 5 Feb, 12 Feb, 15 April, 22 April, 17 June

    SHL invites you to join them in the Lab & garden (SB211 Silverstone building) for some light lunch & informal conversation around research interests and ideas. All are welcome.


    Information and updates can be viewed on our Events Diary  


  • Call for Project Proposals 2023-24

    Our 2023/24 call for project proposals invites submissions from individuals, teams, or networks across campus whose work falls within one or more of our research clusters: critical digital humanities and archives; AI, computational society, and culture; experimental ecologies; and creative computing and play.

    Deadline 31st October 2023  Deadline extended to 30th November 2023.

  • PhD Community Advocates call 2023-2024

    The Sussex Digital Humanities Lab call for our 2023-2024 PhD community advocates is now open to applications.

    This initiative is intended to support and encourage our next generation of scholars, academics, and practitioners. The aim is to help create a coherent network of PhD students who work on areas of research related to the SHL Digital. This year's call is focused on developing connections between and beyond the University with a thematic focus around AI.

    Deadline for applications is midnight on 31st January 2024.

    Full information and how to apply

 SHL away day 2022



Our Seminar series brings leading scholars from around the world to explore a diverse range of topics and disciplines. Seminars take place on selected Mondays in the Sussex Humanities Lab and are open to all.

Our Open Workshop series offers training in Digital Humanities tools and methods. Workshops are open to all staff and postgraduate students, with some places available to undergraduates and members of the public. Workshops are generally aimed at beginner and intermediate level, and focus on the research needs of the humanities and social sciences. 

Our Research Forum is a space for Sussex researchers and potential research partners to develop individual research projects, as well as nourishing our research community. At each forum we welcome three or more speakers to share projects at different stages of development:

  • Updates on current funded projects to keep the community informed;
  • Feedback on a project in planning to provide support during bid development and submission;
  • Brainstorming around initial seeds of ideas for future projects in order to shape research funding bids.

We also regularly hold one-off special research events as part of ongoing research projects. These bring together academics from all disciplines, creative practitioners, industry and all kinds of communities to participate in engaged, outward-facing dialogue and projects. In addition to this, we regularly host creative arts events including installations, performances and exhibitions.

You can find details of previous years’ programmes in our Directory of Past Events