Working with the Sussex Humanities Lab

Collaborate / Research / Study with us

Doctoral Research

We welcome applications for doctoral study aligned to the Sussex Humanities Lab interests. Formal applications are made through the postgraduate application system.

Prospective doctoral students are advised to start with informal enquiries. You can explore our Directory of Members for more information on potential supervisors, and drop us a line at

Visiting the Lab

We welcome short visits to the Lab to collaborate with our team. Visits may be anything from a few days, up to a maximum of two weeks. A member of the Lab must sponsor your visit, and a clear plan for joint activity identified in advance. Although normally self-funded, in exceptional circumstances we may be able to contribute towards the cost. Bench fees are not applicable to short visits. Contact for further information.

Visiting Research Students

SHL welcomes visits from research students studying at other institutions. You can either apply to visit informally for up to two weeks (see above); or apply for an unsupervised placement of up to three months or a supervised visit of up to two months. Fees apply to visits over two weeks and all visits require a Lab sponsor and clear plan of activity. Please refer to the handbook for visiting students and contact for further information.

Visiting Fellows

The Sussex Humanities Lab can facilitate longer formalised visits from national/international faculty, artists/practitioners or those working in the public or private sectors via the University’s Visiting Fellows scheme. 

The purpose of appointing Visiting Fellows is to contribute to the intellectual life of the Sussex Humanities Lab. A Visiting Fellow must be sponsored by an existing member of SHL. The sponsor is the Visiting Fellow’s key personal link with SHL, and this relationship should be developed before making an application.

A benchfee is required to cover the costs of administration, access to the library and sporting facilities. Although normally self-funded, in exceptional circumstances we may be able to contribute towards the cost.

Fellows should agree with their sponsor in advance what outputs and activities are expected from the Fellowship. These may include giving a seminar or guest lecture, production of a working paper or equivalent, and/or writing a research proposal with a member of the Lab. Contact for further information.


This network is open to all faculty, postdoc researchers and postgraduate students based at the University of Sussex. In special cases it may also be extended to researchers and students at other institutions. Whether you are a Digital Humanities specialist or have a fledgling interest, all are welcome. For more information see our Associates Page.

Research Consortia

We are always open to collaboration with partners across academia, industry, policy, non-profit organisations, grassroots communities, and others. Contact in the first instance.


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