I specialize in American literature since 1880 and the theory of subordinated knowledges. My research areas include history of science, poetics, gender and sexuality, childhood, and media theory. My book Experimental: American Literature and the Aesthetics of Knowledge is forthcoming from Johns Hopkins University Press (December 2019).

I am working on a new project on queer "shelled life," the role of ideas of chromosomal sex in the early twentieth-century evolutionary synthesis in biology, and the vesicle in Beyond the Pleasure Principle. (TL;DR: it's very problematic and it inevitably involves Gertrude Stein.)

With Sam Solomon, I am also at work on a project on the "mycological turn." 🍄🍄🍄

I am affiliated with the Sussex Centre for American Studies (where I am doctoral convener and web liaison); the Centre for the Study of Sexual Dissidence; the Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Working Group; and the Sussex Humanities Lab.

Pronouns: she/her.


For prospective PhD students:

I welcome proposals for projects in American literature from 1800, and/or proposals with theoretical investments in history of science, media and technology studies, gender and sexuality studies, childhood, realisms and naturalisms, illness and disability, or poetics. I am primarily interested in theoretically-driven projects that do not take periodization or canons for granted; I will almost never be interested in supervising a single-author project.

I am committed to supporting BME students and welcome their inquiries.


Senior Lecturer in English and American Studies

School of English roles:

  • Convener, English Colloquium 2019-2020
  • Member, Research Degrees Committee

School of History, Art History, and Philosophy roles:

  • Convener, MA in Critical American Studies.
  • Convener of Doctoral Studies, American Studies
  • Convener, Joint Honours in American Studies and English BA
  • Web liaison, American Studies