Past Events: 2013/14

Date: Thursday 10th & Friday 11th July, 2014  
Time: Thursday - 2-8.30pm / Friday - 9am-6.30pm
Venue:  various
Speakers:  various, including Franc Roddam, Director of Quadrophenia and Alan Fletcher, Story Consultant and author of novel

See details of event, including schedule, venues and speakers on the event blog Here by the Sea and Sand: A Symposium on Quadrophenia

Title:  Here by the Sea and Sand: A Symposium on Quadrophenia

Conference presentations:       

Dr Christine Feldman-Barrett, Griffith University, Australia presents Mods and Quads: International perspectives

Dr Dolores Tierney, Senior Lecturer, School of Media, Film and Music, University of Sussex presents Quadrophenia - "new" cult musical

Keith Gildart, Professor of Labour and Social History, University of Wolverhampton presents Class, Youth and Dirty Jobs: Exploring continuity and change in post-war England through Pete Townshend's "Quadrophenia"

Dr Pam Thurschwell, Senior Lecturer in English, University of Sussex presents "You were under the impression that when you were walking forward you'd end up further onward, but things aren't quite that simple": Quadrophenia's segues and historical impasse


Date: Monday 12th May, 2014 
Time: 5pm
Venue:  Room 104, Fulton
Speaker:  Kim Allen, Manchester Metropolitan University + Laura Harvey & Heather Mendick, Brunel University

Title:  "He sounds girly": Disgust, humour and the construction of young masculinities in celebrity talk

Seminar Promo:       CIRCY Seminar Promo: 12may2014 [DOC 141.00KB]



Date: Wednesday 30th April, 2014 
Time: 10.30am - 4.15pm
Venue:  Room 203, Fulton

Title:  Childhood, Youth and European Citizenship

A workshop co-hosted by the Sussex European Institute, CIRCY and New Europeans and part of a series of activities within the Connecting with Citizens project (PI: Professor Sue Millns, Sussex Law) funded by the European Commission Representation in the UK.

Childhood, Youth and European Citizenship: promo poster

Childhood, Youth and European Citizenship: promo poster

Helen Stalford: The Relevance of EU Citizenship to Children [PPTX 1.16MB]

Childhood, Youth and European Citizenship: promo poster

Program Website: Education of the Muslim Minority Children in Thrace

Childhood, Youth and European Citizenship: promo poster

Childhood, Youth and European Citizenship: promo poster

Childhood, Youth and European Citizenship: promo poster

Judy Sebba: UNICEF UK's Rights Respecting Schools Initiative and Evaluation [PPTX 10.79MB]

Childhood, Youth and European Citizenship: promo poster


Date: Friday 28th February, 2014 
Time: 4pm
Venue:  Room 104, Fulton
Speakers:  Dez Holmes - Director of Research in Practice / Baroness Doreen Massey - Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Children

Title:  Research for the real world: Informing policy and practice with children, young people and families

Seminar Promo:       CIRCY workshop promo: 28feb2014 [DOC 140.50KB]

Janet Boddy: Beyond contact [PPTX 1.28MB]

Denise Turner: All a bit of a nightmare [PPTX 121.71KB]

Good sex is ...


Helene Join-Lambert: French research on social work [PPTX 140.43KB]

Dez Holmes: The art of getting research into practice [PPTX 5.40MB]


Date: Wednesday 22nd January, 2014  
Time: 6.30pm 
Venue:  Chowen Lecture Theatre, Brighton & Sussex Medical School, University of Sussex 
Speakers:  Rachel Thomson, Professor of Childhood and Youth Studies, Department of Social Work and Social Care, University of Sussex

The Sussex Lectures, Spring 2014:  Digital Childhoods



CIRCY November Workshop - image 1Date: Monday 25th November, 2013
Time: 4.15 - 7pm
Venue:  Room 104, Fulton

Title:  Creating alternative narratives of social exclusion: Schooling, employment and identity

Event Promo:  CIRCY workshop promo: 25nov2013 [DOC 142.00KB]

CIRCY November Workshop - image 2


Speaker presentations:
1. Social Exclusion and The Road Culure Continuum: Yusef Bakkali [PPTX 1.20MB]
2. Alternative Narratives of Social Exclusion: Dr Louise Gazeley [PPTX 580.47KB]
3. Excluded from what? Voices of Italian Young People NEET: Fabio Gaspani [PDF 286.99KB]


Keynote Speaker:  Rob Macdonald, University of Teesside

Title: Underemployment, precarité and downward mobility: the new condition of youth?

Keynote presentation:


Naked Protest: Imogen TylerDate: Wednesday 16th October, 2013
Speaker: Imogen Tyler, Author of 'Revolting Subjects: Social Abjection and Resistance in Neoliberal Britain (Zed)'

Open seminar event - Naked Protest: Migrant Resistance, Neoliberal Disenfranchisement and the Feminist Commons

Time: 3.30 - 5pm
Venue: Global Studies' Resource Centre, Room C175, Arts Building

Audio recording of Imogen Tyler's presentation