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Music Technology at Sussex combines studio recording, music production and electronic music. You can also build instruments, design audiovisual performance systems or create sound for interactive games.

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With a wide range of options to choose from, you can tailor your degree to your passion. You’ll develop the skills to define musical practices of the future.

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Meet Archie

Since starting his degree, Archie Sagers (Music Technology BA) has played gigs in Brighton, set up his own record label and is now starting to write film scores. His work on the music and innovation module is all about building a community of artists through gigs and releases. 

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The undergraduate view


  • Video transcript

    Hi my name is Kai, and I'm interested in all sorts of things (like) music, film... anything creative really.

    Sussex has been a great place for me to explore my interests and the things I'm passionate about.

    I want to create art that's uplifting, inspiring, helps people to look up, and helps people to look forward.

    Up with great values and valuable content.


    I found this degree has been so good that I can tailor it to my interests and passions.

    I didn't go down a very traditional route in music, but I was able to explore my interests and to my classical background, I was able to add sound design and music production and even things like filmmaking to some extent.


    Starting at university can be quite daunting, but I've learnt that if I stay on top of things, I won't have to be overwhelmed.

    There's such good support at Sussex.

    There's always an open ear, there's always an open door.

    And actually that's been one of my favourite things; the approachability of the staff there to be able to just come and share some work in progress (and) share some ideas I have.

    I have never felt that someone's putting me in a box.

    There's always a space for you to develop what you're passionate about.


    While I'm studying music, I was able to explore filmmaking, and I've been able to hand in my assignments, but also release those online.

    So actually, I've been starting to build a career since I first came to Sussex.

    One of the phrases the department of Music used when we first came was 'your career starts today!'

    While that can sound daunting, it is a great opportunity with such a good environment with people, equipment and everything you need to make a great start and start developing your online portfolio or your career in any way.


    During my time at Sussex, I've been able to develop a website, an online portfolio, YouTube channel and now I'm starting to connect with people in the industry.

    I'm in my final year, but I've already have a connection with an orchestra that's interested in my music, a filmmaker I'm meeting up with and share ideas with.

    Life doesn't end at University, but it's like a launching pad for many of us.


    So I think my advice for you would be come along, have a look, ask some questions, (and) don't be shy.

    This is an opportunity for you.

    Take it with both hands and make the most of it.

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