International relations

Global Issues

Module code: L2006N
Level 4
15 credits in autumn semester
Teaching method: Workshop
Assessment modes: Coursework, Essay

The module will offer you an introduction to a range of contemporary issues in global politics. Each week deals with a different global issue including:

  • development
  • poverty
  • economic sanctions
  • terrorism
  • emerging powers
  • migration
  • environment.

Each year, our themes change to select the latest developments and crises in global politics. Most sessions start with an introduction to the theme followed by class activities. The introduction doesn’t replicate the 'required readings' but expands on, and offers a different view to, these readings and the issues under discussion. Similarly, your presentations don’t focus on required readings but aim to cover contemporary 'case-studies' related to the themes under discussion.

Module learning outcomes

  • Understanding of the range of problems and issues that define the contemporary study of Global Politics and Global Political Economy
  • Knowledge of some central debates and conceptual approaches in academic study of global politics and global political economy
  • Ability to apply analytical and critical frameworks to interpret contemporary events in global politics and global political economy
  • Development of academic research, and writing skills