International relations

Aesthetics in Global Politics

Module code: 022IRS
Level 6
30 credits in spring semester
Teaching method: Workshop
Assessment modes: Essay, Coursework

Aesthetics are an important way that we come to know global politics. Through a focus on how visuals, sound, and narrative construct global politics, the module invites a creative sensibility that enables the exploration of how creativity shapes, enacts, and resists global politics. The first part of the module equips students with the conceptual, methodological, and practical tools to explore global politics through aesthetic means. The second part of the module will engage with substantive international political issues – including security and insecurity, political violence, and resistance - through media including narrative, photography, textile, and sound. Throughout the module, students will become familiar with ways of understanding, knowing, and making international relations through creative means, leading up to their own creative intervention.

Module learning outcomes

  • Critically examine the interplay between aesthetics and global political issues such as security and insecurity, political violence, and resistance.
  • Evaluate the ways that aesthetic interventions shape, enact and respond to global political issues.
  • Critically engage with aesthetic methods and methodologies for exploring global politics.
  • Research, design and create an alternative intervention that shapes, enacts, and responds to a global political issue.
  • Critically reflect on their own creative practice in shaping and responding to global politics.